Work From Home Jobs in Bangalore , can earn ₹10 to ₹15 thousand :

It often happens that we think of doing a job together with studies. But it is difficult to go out with the teaching or by going out or sitting in the office. But if you want to do sitting-sitting extra earning at home, there is no shortage of part time job options. You can easily earn 10 to 15 thousand rupees per month through part time job by giving only 3 to 4 hours a day. If you give more time then income can be made from these jobs in the week upto 5 thousand rupees. Today we are telling you which part time jobs you can sit at home and how to do these things. Apart from this, what are the jobs that give you these jobs.

Data Entry Job :

You can work offline data entry in part time. In this, companies offer online data to you. This data has to be typed in MS World and sent back to the companies.
To make this work you should come to English typing. Apart from this, MS World, basic knowledge of computer should also be there.

Form filling

You can also work from home-sitting form filling. In this you will have to fill the details in the form. These details and forms are sent online.
To do this job you should be able to open your computer’s basic knowledge, internet surfing and websites.

Ad posting job

In it you have to post the companies’ ad different classifieds on websites. The more ads you post, the more payment you get. It can be done anytime from anywhere.
For this, you should have a computer or laptop with an internet connection. You can do this work by going to the cyber cafe for a few hours.

SMS sending job

Companies also make their advertising through the message. Mobile users are given messages of related product in order to reach their product to as many people as possible.
This requires people who send message messages to users. You can also do this work in free time for part time income.

Copy paste job

In this you will have to post an ad for companies. The more ad you paste in different classified, the more income you will have. No job needed for this job.
You should only come to internet surfing. It is also important to have an internet connection in your computer or laptop.

Jobs can be found through these websites

There are many more websites that are doing similar jobs. You can also find more websites on the Internet to find a job.