Timescope Uses Virtual Reality as Time Travel Machine

The CES 2018 is fast approaching and L’ Usine Digitale takes the opportunity to introduce you every day one of the French start-ups that will be exhibiting in Las Vegas. Timescope and its terminal using virtual reality will be traveling.

The Timescope terminal is reminiscent of the way optical toys prefigured cinema. Based in Paris and founded in 2016, the company offers virtual reality experiences in public places. A way to raise awareness of both the history of these sites and this new technology, which is not yet democratized.


Fifteen fully-equipped sites in France

It’s a time machine equipped with virtual reality technology “, sums up Adrien Sadaka, president and co-founder of Timescope, at the Digital Factory. The bollard developed by the company features a multilingual screen and adjustable height glasses. Inside, the user can rotate 360 degrees to observe his environment reproduced in 3D but at another time. “At a historic place, we’ll find ourselves in the past. On a site under construction we will dive into the future project. At a tourist place, for example in an airport, we will teleport to a destination,”says Adrien Sadaka.

At the moment, about fifteen terminals are installed in France. The most recent one was installed at the beginning of December in Neuville-Saint-Vaast, near the First World War fraternization monument. Others are installed on the roof of Galeries Lafayette and on the banks of the Seine in Paris, at the Cité de l’ espace in Toulouse, at Lyon airport or at Dassault Systèmes headquarters.

A B2B2C model

The Timescope team, of about ten people, brings together mechanical, software and electronics developers for the kiosk as well as graphic designers for 3D content. Once deployed, the kiosk operates on a self-service basis, on the street or indoors, every day and at all times. It is designed to withstand vandalism and weather conditions.

We provide, maintain and maintain the machine, produce and integrate content. We’re on a B2B2C model. Our customers are local authorities, tourism operators, real estate developers… and they bring this experience to their audiences,”explains Timescope’s president. The kiosk is offered to rental customers with different packages. For audiovisual content, the start-up invoices on estimate.

Wishes for international development

This is the first time Timescope has crossed the Atlantic at its virtual reality terminal. The company will present for the occasion the latest model released this year. We are going to the CES to test the American market, to make ourselves known abroad and meet potential prospects “, shares Adrien Sadaka, who hopes to accelerate the company’s implantation in France and lay the first foundations for international development.