Service Tax Registration: Checklist of Documents Required for New GST Registration

For businesses that are already registered under the existing taxation laws, this is the only time to take immediate action, that they first get a temporary GST registration, and then assess – whether they are still mandated under GST Are responsible for registration – and accordingly, either use the option to transfer to GST registration or to cancel provisional registration.

However, if you have a new business or you did not register before but due to a fixed limit, now you are responsible for registering, then the road ahead – a new GST registration.

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Here’s how to get a new GST registration –

service tax registration

Step 1: Check the threshold limits of your state

The threshold limit for taking GST registration is as follows:

Special Category States (Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand) – INR 1 Million Remaining India – Rs. 20 lacs

Note: Although Jammu and Kashmir were not initially under the GST class, but on July 5
He adopted GST resolution The threshold limit of Jammu and Kashmir will be mainly around Rs. 10 lakhs.

Step 2: Get New GST Registration

If you opt for regular dealership or overall plan, then you have to take the following steps to get a new GST registration:

  • Access General GST Portal
  • You need to fill and submit Part-A of Form GST REG-1 by providing PAN, mobile number and e-mail ID. PAN will be verified on GST portal, while mobile number and e-mail ID will be verified once with password (OTP).
  • After doing so, you will receive an application reference number on your mobile number and e-mail.
  • You will need to fill out part-B of Form GST REG-01 and specify the application reference number received. Also, before submitting the form, you must attach other necessary documents as specified in the section below.
  • If additional information is required, then the form will be issued from the GST REG-3.0 portal. With the required information within 7 working days from the date of receipt of Form GST REG-0, the answer must be given through Form GST REG-04.
  • If you have provided all necessary information through Form GST REG-01 or Form GST REG-04, Form GST REG-06 certification registration form issued within 3 days from the date of receipt of GST REG-01 or Form. Will be done. GST REG-04 If the details submitted are not satisfactory, the registration application form will be rejected through GST REG-05.


Checklist of documents required for new GST registration

Make sure that you meet the following GST registration requirements.

PAN Card :

  • Contact Details – Email ID, Contact Number
  • Photo: Photographs and authorized signatory of owner, partner, managing trustee, committee etc.
  • Constitution of taxpayer: partnership deed, registration certificate or other evidence of the Constitution.
    Principal / extra space Proof of business:
  • For any of your documents – for any existing documents, such as a copy of the receipt or municipal account or copy of the electricity bill.
  • For rent or lease premises – Copy of the rent / lease agreement with the owner’s (landlord) documents such as latest property tax receipt or copy of the municipal account copy or electricity bill.
  • Bank Account related proof: The scanned copy of the first pass of the bank pass book or bank statement
  • Authorization form: For each authorized signatory, upload an authorized copy or copy of the Director of the Managing Committee or Director of the Board in the prescribed format.

Form for new registration for specific taxable persons

Form number                                              Form type

Form GST REG-07                                       Application as Tax Deductor or Tax Collector to Register as Source

Form GST REG-09                                       Application for registration for non-resident taxable person.

Form GST REG-09A                                    Application for registration for the person providing online information and data base access or
retrieval services to any non-taxable online recipient outside India