Service SEO : Five Advance Tips for Service SEO 2017

There is something new in the field of SEO every day, and every day this field is getting more advanced than ever before, when you could do well on your website ranking by doing just like the directory or bookmarking and classifier. But today SEO has to work hard to understand and understand,
There are some new technologies this year in 2017 that can do better and better to your SEOFirst of all we talk about SEO’s work, which you have to understand and do better,

Google Analytics Advance Research

Most of all SEO or webmasters will come to Google Analytics, but most webmasters only view widgets and total users in Google Analytics and close analytics,
But there is also some advance feature in Google Analytics, with the help of which we can see which user came to the website, what keyword came from, and we also have to see which keywords to open our website. The most used is
Because if you research properly, then it is important to know which keyword is best for your website, after knowing the good keywords, you can do SEO on that keyword, so that your website’s ranking will be searched quickly Can come in the engine

Make Your Post Easy to Read

All of you need to know that you need good content to do SEO, you can not post duplicate content, nor keep bad content on your website, but now in 2017’s advanced SEO, you will be able to get along with the quality of the content. It is easy to use something like this kind of content,
If any user has your posted content, then it should be written in such a way that the user has the ability to understand and understand, in the work words, the user will know what you want to say, every written by you Along with the post, you can also use the image. Because using the image with content makes Shabo easier to fall.

Use Longer Content

The content of the work quantity is not good for your website, it is a very old thing, but still the importance of this thing has not diminished, even if the content of your website or posted content is low then your written Content is useless.
You have to try to make the content a little bigger than before, and try to have at least 700 words in the posted content, as well as to keep in mind the keyword in the posted content, Do not reduce the density of the keyword, and not too much, you can use 3 or 4 times your keyword in a 700-word content, but try to use the same keyword repeatedly do.

Test and Improve Your Website Speed

The Google search engine is trying to provide better service to all its customers or search engine users, and as Google has said in every update that now your website needs to be mobile friendly, then you have to Keep in mind that if your website does not open in mobile or mobile does not look its design properly then you need to pay attention to your website, because Search engine now gives much importance to a website that is an important part of the open, as well as Google also speed the website has also written in his new Update now website properly mobile.

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User Friendly Website is better then Attractive Design

And finally, the most important thing is that the design of a website, also called a website layout.
If your website looks very good, opens very well, its design is very good, and speed is also good but,
When a user comes to the website and does not understand that he has to register with the said, and said to find a product, then such a website is bad for your business, as well as the Google search engine does not consider such a website right. Along with the engine, the website must also be user-friendly,
So try to create a website when designing its menu to be basic and easy to understand, the user does not take much time to find something.

Hope you enjoyed this post, the post did not look too big, so we did not make this post bigger, in our next post we will share some more advance tips for 2017

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