Fees and Charges for Seller

mJOBrr offers a Payment Guarantee to the Sellers for the jobs they have done.

The Seller has the below options:

Seller can receive payments after the job is complete.  This is the default option that applies to an order. Below is the sequence of workflow for this option:

  • Buyer order a mJOB
  • Buyer pays mJOBrr escrow in advance before the job has started.
  • mJOBrr escrow holds the payment until the job is satisfactorily complete
  • Once the job is completed, mJOBrr transfers the funds into Seller’s account
  • Service Fee of 10% on all invoices deducted from Freelancer.
  • GST Tax+Gateway Charge Extra
  • Sellers/Freelancers have an post the services online without any fees. it free of cost.
  • Weekly payment transfer

Fees and Charges for Buyer :

  1. 0% Service change , no other changes
  2.  Refund for Client/Buyer: If any client service has ordered but freelance fail to delivered to client service within given 7 working day, then client 100% full payment would be refunded in his bank account.
  3.  Payment through Payment gateway or bank transfer

* for freelancers/Contractor : if you are unable to delivered the service within  given 7 working day then payment would refunded to client/buyer,  payment gateway change would be deducted from your account balance.

Refund Policy

An Employer is allowed to receive a refund of funds held in the mJOBrr Safe Deposit Account under the following circumstances:

  • No reply: the Freelancer has not responded to the employer;
  • Non-delivery: the Freelancer did not deliver the accepted project within the delivery timescale mentioned in the Service;
  • Poor quality: the completed work by the freelancer does not meet the employer needs after getting detailed feedback about the project from the employer;

Refunds are only applicable to funds held in the mJOBrr Safe Deposit Account. Funds should only be paid out of the Safe Deposit Account once the Buyer is 100% satisfied that the Service/Project has been completed. The funds are released to freelancer after getting approval from the employer.

You may ask for a refund at any time for any funds that you have paid into your mJOBrr Account.

If the freelancer is not submitted the completed project to the employer at the given time period, the total fee deposited will be refunded to employer by the mJOBrr without any reductions.

If we agree to the refund, the funds will be received by the User via the same payment method(s) that the User used to make the original payment to us.