Part Time Jobs in Chennai without investment from home

It’s been a long time since I have been writing a full account of Chennai, and I am writing this story about Chennai’s jobs and the credibility of jobs.

The decision to go to work after completion of the bachelor’s degree, was the second day friend who gave me a complete call from Chennai.

“The bazaar of this auction saw an advertisement eighty thousand rupees a month, Saturdays only Sunday, Nine thousand rupees, I asked them to go to the phone.

I have to go from Tiruvallur and go to Coimbatore, at least two hours. And I do not believe in such ads in many of the busiest places of Chennai, Still, I left because I was interested in knowing what the job was. It was the first day of the first trip to work in Chennai. Both of us went to the office to find a way out, because the study and age of the work were not restricted because we could meet many of us without age. At least one hundred people would have come.

The lecture about work has begun. When the film was brought to the blackboard, I realized that it was a job because I had just recently escaped from a person who drew up the picture. You have to add two people, the two go two more, the more two the more and the two go to an endless stretch. We will also join you to join our people. But you have to make just eight thousand rupees advance. That’s all that’s happening and survived and came out of the stadium that we managed to survive (this is about the O4P there is a tasty short film).

“I know we’re going to go on Mount Road, there’s a quarter of a senator, and there’s a nick.” And in the afternoon, we did not even eat breakfast at the Mount Road. There we went to the office to wait for friend Manikantan. But it was like a company that was not like a learner. Three girls dressed in fashion came to us dressed in fashion. We told them to speak five minutes in English.

Manikumaran spoke, I spoke back and talked to him again and again. Make money for ten thousand rupees to make you angry with English. The registration fee for that came to five hundred rupees. Two buns built two hundred rubles. I refused. Strangely experiencing the way. When he came out, he took me a kilometer by saying, “I’m going to join you here, we know you’re not going to join us. Chennai’s most famous theater is the Theater Theater is where he took me. He replied, “What has brought here?” “I told him that he would go to Chennai, but I did not take a ticket and tell him that he would not come from Kupta Tiruvallurula for the movie”.

At the time of my studies, the computer department fell into the abyss. It was decided to study again for three years. Here’s Rahul’s friend. While we both are sitting side by side, we will talk about looking for part-time job. The Deccan Chronicle, Dinamalar and telegram will collect the weekly duties and find the offices of the weekend in any corner of Chennai. Nungambakkam, Valluvarkottam, The Nagar, Adyar, Agrarian. Aluvaarpad, Mylapore, Vadapalani and still have all the work on the bus routes, but if you got a job you could not find a job to find a job.


Minority about the jobs in those advertisements. Medical transcriptions. American doctors will recording medical notes. The audio recording of the recordings should be replaced and returned to the Americans. This is done by Dell Perot Company in Ambattur and it is well paid. This company is often a trusted company. All the advertisers are cheats for you to do the same work from time to time. The fact that this is a reliable part-time job is no longer present. The advance payment we have to pay for this is very much.


The next thing is Google Ads (ADDS) or AdWords (ADD WORDS). You start with an account. What you have to do is to put in Google AdSense and Worts. It’s easy to ask and say that every clue will become dollars, but this is also a cheat job by Google for technology to find them.

The next is the work of changing the books to the electrodes. Scan the old books of that time will give you the money that you have to replace them with debugging letters. For all this, many e-publishing companies are in Chennai but all those who tell you to do part-time work is cheats. We have put an end to searching part-time job only when it came to discover that my friends were cheating thirty thousand rupees by claiming to be an e-book.

We will have to work, they will deceive us by saying that what you have done has been fulfilled and they will gain the profit.

We did a hundred hundred ok but nothing was done so that it was bail and would pay more money to pay for the next project.

They do not start to talk about the job without taking advancement.

As time went by the job, time spent waste was only a waste of time, but it was a pleasure to have a mouthpiece around Chennai. So if there is a job in Chennai, a question may arise. Masters began to work again at the time of study, and the low-paying job was a low-paid job. I and my other two friends were working there for a year. It’s the job that taught the most things. Ready to work with you to prepare you to work without a job until you get a job. Still there is a lot of work in Chennai, where there is a lot of work and there is no question of what the government is going to do.