Naukri: These 9 Different Ways Get Online Freelance Jobs in India

Now you do not need to go out and make money for going through life. Now you can earn money from the comfort of your home. Nowadays internet has become easier for us to find Naukri online and earn good money.

Not just online Naukri, but you can also run such business, which can be run at home and there is more potential for success. This article will tell you about the minimum and minimum number of Naukri started online and at home. This article includes a list of online and home-based Naukri.

Online Naukri: This is the complete list

1- Online Data Entry Naukri:

This is one of the most popular Naukri on the internet. You will be able to find a lot of data entry companies but only a few of them will be real. Before you sign up, you should visit them once or talk to them once. You have to end their project and send them by e-mail. You have to maintain 99.9 percent accuracy and 40 words per minute typing speed in your work. Careful about data entry Naukri.

2- Blogging with Google Adsense:

Google Adsense is not new and everyone knows about it. You can become a blogger and make money through all major platforms like Google Adsense. Millions of bloggers are making money from this. That’s why you should not worry about money, but rather worry about blogging skills. You will gain a lot of money when your blog becomes popular and people like to read your blog.

3- Freelancing Naukri:

Freelancing Naukri are internet’s biggest gifts. You can find all types of Naukri here, such as writing, designing, coding, publishing, writing, are the best. You can become a copy writer, ghost story writer, content writer. There are five RR sites that offer freelance Jobs of all kinds. There is no problem even in paying it.

4- Vlogging:

If you have talent then you can become an Internet celebrity. You can make videos and upload it to YouTube. If you get the necessary views then you can earn more money by becoming a YouTube Partner. Vloggers are like bloggers, but the only difference is that you have to make videos here, and for that you need to be talented. Vlogging is a good choice for the talented writers compared to the authors.

5- PTC (pay per click) and survey Naukri:

Pay to click or PTC Naukri are more popular nowadays in young people. If you click on an advertisement or link, you are given the money for each such click. A link gives you some cents. Your income depends on how many clicks you make throughout the day. Similarly you can also do survey Naukri or micro Jobs. Here you have to fill out the form and you are paid to fill every single form. is a good site where you can find such trusted sites where such online Jobs are available.

6- Affiliate Marketing – eBay or Flipkart Seller:

Internet marketing is an extended branch of blogging. Here you sell products to customers. You can get commission on every sale. Your commission is 10 to 40 percent for every one sale, depending on which vendor you want to go. You can become an online retailer by joining EBay and Flipkart and earn thousands of dollars every month.

7- Training and Consultancy:

If you have experience in this field then you can think of leaving a job and starting a new consultancy service. You can do a well-organized consultation at home. If you find the right customers, you can earn a lot of money from it.

8-MLM (Multi Level Marketing):

MLM is also quite new concept. You can join the MLM network. You can get new registration under your leadership. You can do it even at home. All you have to do is think new ways that more people are connected to your network. Although people look very cautious due to its slander / fraud.

9- Online Micro Jobs:

Micro Jobs mean completion of actions on the internet such as review, clicking, rating, searching, commenting, etc. M trunk is one of the important websites that provides you with micro-Jobs. You can add more money by doing such micro-Jobs.