Naukri India: Work from home Job for freelancer

Freelance Jobs Opportunity for Digital Marketing, Customer Services, Operations, Graphic Designing, IT,NON IT and many more Work From Home Jobs on Pan India basis.

There is often empty space in our house which is not useful and we can not use that empty space properly. If you use the free space in your home properly then it can be a better way of earning. It can be used for many types of business. There are many innovative businesses that can be a good way of earning money every month. Especially for those young people who want to earn money by sitting in the house with studies.

We are telling you about some of the innovative business you can also try at your home.

Plant nursery

Earnings: up to Rs. 50 thousand

If there is enough room in your house then you can also run a nursery of plants. There is a discount in the case of earning. Demand for imposing English Plant among people is huge. There are many such plants in the nursery that you can get good value for selling. All you have to do is keep some experts who can keep the full details of the plants. If you do personal contacts in multiplexes, apartments and colony, then this business can be profitable for you. It can earn up to 50 thousand rupees.


Stationery shop

Earnings: 30 thousand rupees

Bookstalls and stationery shops are such businesses that can lift you a lot of profits. This can be a creative business for you. The risk factor in this business is much lower compared to the other business. Earnings in stationery business are also good. You can start this at a lower cost. In the initial period, you can start this business by putting 10 thousand to 20 thousand rupees. Once your business is stabilized, then you can easily earn up to 30 to 40 thousand rupees per month. After some time this profit can be even more.

Mobile shop

Earning: up to Rs 40 thousand

Everybody uses mobile in today’s time. In this case, the business connected to mobile accessories can be the best for you. In the home, XL can open a mobile shop. If you come to repair the mobile, then you can earn up to 35 to 40 thousand rupees per month. This business is connected to the technical background. With latest mobile design and style accessories in the market you have twice the revenue.

Educational Coaching

Earnings: up to 50 thousand

You can also run educational institutes from Play School to Higher Level. If you start a relative coaching study with higher education, it is more profitable for you. If you do not have an interest in teaching yourself then you can hire an expert. However, it may take some time to start and stabilize this business. Infrastructure should be strong enough for this business. Increasing business will take one to two years, but business gets better when you get good response. There is no limit to earning this business, which can reach millions of months.

Money Transfer Online Recharge Online Ticket Booking

Earning: up to Rs 40 thousand
Online ticket booking center can be the best business. From this business you can earn up to 30 to 40 thousand rupees. In addition to the online booking booking center, you can start business like online money transfer, online form fill-up, online recharge. If the business of the online booking center is stabilized then it will increase your earnings.