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Freelancer Lotus Notes Developer Experience and Profile

4 year college degree in computer science or other technologies
5+ years of total Freelancer Lotus Notes and Domino development experience
3 years of production support and maintenance in enterprise legacy applications.
2 years developing applications that integrate with relational databases, LEI, Oracle preferred
2 years proficiency in web service development using Domino services or Java based technologies
Strong knowledge and experience with JSON, REST services.
2 years of agile development experience
Proficiency in application design and application integration of Business Process Applications.
Strong understanding of Software Development Life cycle with proven ability to develop, test, debug, deploy and support Lotus Note Applications.

Certification :

IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer Certification
IBM Certified System Administrator Certification.
Experience with Jira and Jira administration
Working in a global team with remote teams and customers.
Web programming Experience in Java, JBoss, Scala, JavaScript, AngularJS, JQuery, Oracle SQL & PL/SQL.

Delivers personal assignments dependably, reliably, and on-time through organized personal work processes.
Produces work that reflects a focus on quality in consideration of the clients (internal and external) needs and qualitative self-review process.
Builds credibility and establishes influence with internal team members and client team members in a way that leads individuals to solicit and follow advice or direction.

• Creating Workflow Applications starting with Lotus Notes Version 4 most recently with Lotus Notes Version 8.5 in Client Server Environment. Using Controlled Access Section, Roles, Navigator, Hotspots, outlines, Views, Formula language, Lotus Script.

• Creating End User Help Documentation, Data Flow Diagram, System Flowchart using Rational Rose. Maintenance of Client based Team Room database to upload & Download Documents as needed.

• Integrating Lotus Notes with SQL Server & DB2 using ODBC & DECS. Running SQL Procedure from front end using ODBC.

• Migration of Lotus Notes Data to Oracle using ODBC. Migration of Lotus Notes Data to Pega using DXL Agents using Lotus Script.

• Using SQL Views and triggers to dynamically initialize Fields in front end using @DBLookUp & @DBColumn

• Creating & using Private & Shared Views. Using Profile Documents in Client Server & Web based Applications.

• Working with Rich Text Fields using RichTextItem Class.

• Sending mails using Lotus Script & Formula Language.

• Using shared Field, Shared Action & Sub Forms & Embedded View in Lotus Notes Applications.

• Creating Web based Applications using Lotus script, Java script, Formula Language, Cascading Style Sheets, CGI Variables & HTML. Using WebQuerySave & WebQueryopen events for Form.

• Using Java Script in field validation, field level events & form level Events.

• Using Pass through HTML for Forms & Writing HTML in View Columns.

• Using Reader, Author & Editor field in Work flow Applications. Generating Readers field using Lotus Script. Create dynamic tables using Lotus Script.

• Creating Agents using Lotus Script & Formula Language. Using Script Libraries in Agents. Creating Private & Public Agents. Running Web based Agents using @Command, Formula Language. HTML Form Tag & URL. Debugging Agents using Lotus Notes Debugger. Using Agent log & server log for Debugging Client & Web based agent.

• Managing ACL using ACL Manager, ACL Class & ACL Entry Class.

• Using Replication in Lotus Notes. Handling Replication & Save Conflict Documents. Use of Reserve Fields like $REF, $Conflict, $$Return, $UpdatedBy, $Summary, $$ViewBody etc.

• Integrating Lotus Notes with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, lotus123 & Notepad. Generating Reports using Excel for Web Based Application.

• Worked in close Association with Developers & Users from Countries like USA, Canada, China, UK, Singapore, Germany, Denmark, France, Philippines. Using Same time for Mobile Calling & Chat Support. Using Windows based Laptop/Desktop screen sharing. Message Collaboration using lotus Notes/Outlook mail.

• Integrating Lotus Notes with MainFrame. Integrating Lotus Notes with SQL Server using LSX/LC methodology.