On-Page Optimization – Internet Digital Marketing SEO Tips :

On putting on-page optimization with On-Page Optimization on the SEO tree, the common people hang down very much. You can optimize your existing content.
By doing on-page optimization, your content gets organic traffic, rank is good and can have great earnings.
Whether you have not optimized the content yet, you can increase your organic traffic on your site by taking some tweaks  to take advantage.

How to make on-page optimization of your published content? This post is about this.
To optimize the content, you have to keep in mind two things:

– Before you write content, keyword research was done
– or you did not

You will meet these two points of opportunity.

Situation 1 – Improving Optimize Content

First of all, you must see that:
1. Did you make On-Page SEO / On-Page SEO before publishing content?
2. Did I search the best keyword search for my site  Best Keyword?

In answer to both questions, you have two options.

Option 1 – Complete optimization of the content

If you are like me, you have done all the work properly but there is something you have forgotten about.

You can use an on-page SEO checker tool to check on-page optimization, so you know that you have used the keyword in the right place, you have optimized the image and meta tags in the content Yes or No. This will allow you to know the things that you forgot to do.

Option 2 – Search the Best Keywords

It is difficult to accurately report which keyword traffic will increase. The outcome depends on many things. like:
– Keyword popularity
– Keyword Competition
– How accurate your search is for search
– How valid your site is for fixed topics
– And many things …
Sometimes a lot of keywords get a lot of traffic from a selected keyword. With Google Search Console, you will find work information very easily.

Let us take an example:
When you sort a site’s Google console report for Impressions You can get less CTR even though you have more impressions.

Then what are the more impressions?

After this we will look at the query report for any page. After this we will again learn to sort the report according to Impresssions, which keyword is giving more impressions.

The top keyword giving the highest impression is always considered good. Ignore common keywords like Google, Facebook, Yahoo or any keywords that are very broad. That is, one can also work for another site.

You should focus on keywords that people search by visiting your site and not reaching out to your computer’s camper’s site.

You should find and compare some related keywords. This will know which keyword you have to use. You pay more attention to long tail keywords. This will give you less clicks, but your site will get more search.

For example, instead of choosing a keyword for Love, you should have a keyword like Love Text Messages. This will give you a big boost.

Situation 2 – Content is not optimized first

This is a very common situation. Many bloggers do not pay attention to SEO since the beginning. If you have not previously published the content of your site according to the keywords, then you have the opportunity to choose the right keywords and take advantage of it. This will bring organic traffic to your site.

You can also get help from Google Search Console for this work. From where you can find information about the exact keyword.

Here are many things you need to keep in mind:

– Will get more traffic on selected keywords
– What will be the click if traffic
– Whether the selected keyword is correct according to your content

If the answer to all the above is yes, then you now have to take a look at Keyword Popularity & Keyword Competition. So that you are more likely to get better rank than before.

You have to remember that the keyword you selected is sending the signal to search engine crawlers about what topic your content is about. You have to experiment by choosing the right keywords for every content on your site. So that every page of your site can get a great rank. Fruit format, search engine crawlers:

– Understand what your content is about
– How accurate is the keyword selected for your topic
– They decide how and where to rank your content

SEO Content – On-Page Optimization Tips

With the exception of the on-page optimization approach you have adopted, here we are telling you things to keep in mind while optimizing the content.

1. Make priorities according to large impact

Even if you are optimizing your old content and you have to work a lot. But you still have to work very wisely.

There is a need to pay more on those opportunities, from where you are likely to get more traffic.

In the example above you had read that the impression on one page is very high but its CTR is low. Impressions can be a lie according to the popularity of a keyword, because it is not necessary that your site is able to rank well for that keyword. Less CTRs can be increased by optimizing page titles and meta descriptions. Along with this, the rank of that page is also profitable.

2. Do not select broad keywords

When you look at Google Search Console data, you will find many broad keywords that have a lot of impressions.
Broad keyword impressions may appear four times, but you can get the right conversion on Long Tale keywords.

3. Do not keep keywords separate from content

If you delete the old keyword and choose new keywords, then you need to pay attention to the keyword that does not change the meaning of your content. If that happens then you may have to re-write some part of your content. In this situation, it is far better to create a new content rather than an old one.

4. Update Internal Links

When you change the keyword of the content, you also have to update the URL. In such a situation, if you have linked the old link somewhere, then it is also important to change it. The anchor text of that internal link does a lot of work to tell Google about what the content is about. That is why you have to keep the new anchor text accordingly.

5. Update page titles, meta descriptions and images etc.

When you select a new keyword, it is important that you write target keywords in the right place. Its on-page SEO checker tool can be used.