According to the EY Global Contingent Workforce Study, the market for remote orders under the so-called GIG economy is still growing, and by 2020 up to 20% of employees may be Indian freelancers. The “Global Community of Freelancers” project, carried out by PayPal in cooperation with the research agency Netfluential, provides a better understanding of the situation of global labour markets for freelancers. The survey, which covered 23 global markets, including India, analyses the tools and brands used by freelancers to improve their work, as well as how they cope with finances, including in terms of receiving remuneration and making payments.

According to PayPal’s internal data, the market for freelance services in Indian is not as large as in the case of our neighbours, e.g. Germany or Russia, but it is growing rapidly: under PayPal, the Indian freelance market is not even in the top twenty in terms of total turnover, but the year-on-year increase is really impressive – in 2017 it amounted to as much as 31% (year-on-year). CSO data indicate that in 2016 there were 1.15 million officially registered self-employed in India. Compared to freelancers from other countries, Poles are much younger, they look to the future with optimism, but they believe that their work is not taken seriously enough.

The results of our survey show the enormous potential of Indian freelancers – they are young, positively disposed to their future and are able to work on various orders for many customers at the same time. However, we can see how important it is to relieve them of the financial burden – if they have access to simple solutions that will allow them to save time, they will be able to focus more on developing their business – says Marcin Glogowski, General Manager of PayPal in Central and Eastern Europe.

Portrait of a Indian Freelancer

Indian freelancers are younger than their colleagues from other countries – 50% are under 30, while the average age of freelancers in Europe is 43. As many as 3 out of 5 remote workers in Poland are men who have been working in the liberal professions for 3.5 years on average.

Indian freelancers are very busy and have a wide variety of skills – data entry, graphic design, consulting, web marketing and sales, translation and copywriting. Practically for every task, you can find an employee who is willing to work for you. The average Indian freelancer serves up to 15 customers annually. Four out of five perform their tasks for clients from abroad, mainly from the UK, Germany and the USA, but the vast majority of their work is performed for Indian clients. On average, 68% of revenues come from local customers and only 32% from international orders.

Poles greatly appreciate the freedom that comes with self-employment – 49% of Indian freelancers like to be their own boss, and 46% of them appreciate the possibility of working anywhere at any time. However, the list of benefits is much longer: the possibility to choose the orders which it is a pleasure to execute (34%), to earn more money in comparison with a job (33%) or flexibility (30%).

Indian freelancers not only enjoy freedom, but also earn more than the national average – respondents declared an average annual salary of 67,000 PLN, while the national average in Poland is 48,564 PLN. 46% of India freelancers say that their business has been largely stable over the past year and 29% have experienced an increase. They are also very optimistic – 69% of independent employees believe that their company will grow in the future.

Solutions To Help You Take A Step Forward

Indian freelancers, although generally satisfied with their lifestyle, have many other concerns and problems that prevent them from developing the potential that lies in them and in remote work. As many as 42% of freelancers say they need help to reach new customers. Much more are struggling to organize the legal and financial aspects of their operations, including keeping proper accounts.

While some freelancers do this because they can act on their own, it is important to be aware of the power of networking and the importance of making new contacts – even if only via the Internet. Recommendations are very often the source of new orders for freelancers – 47% of respondents acquire new customers through recommendations and 38% through social media.

Entering the global market and acquiring new customers is a natural step for freelancers – both Indian and foreign. Internet platforms dedicated to freelancers, both national and international, make it much easier for them to
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Services for freelancers are very popular – as many as 69% of Indian freelancers are present there. At the same time, among those who do not use them, as many as 61% believe that they do not know enough about them to start actively using them. is India first freelance Services Marketplace Platform, Companies, Entrepreneurs and Individuals can hire Freelancers and buy Services in areas such as Website Designing, Writing, Online Marketing, Graphic Designing, Business & Legal Consulting, Accounting Consulting, Admin Support and lot more.Whether you’re looking to hire a freelancer or an entire team, we help you get the right experts to boost your business.

Security And Ease Of Access To Money – Two Key Issues

Mobile payments, mobile apps and mobile communication continue to grow in importance in the work of freelancers. Researched freelancers considered them, as well as the ability to issue invoices and receive payments via telephones or tablets, as crucial and facilitating their work on the move.

According to respondents, the main factors that play a role in choosing an acceptable method of payment are security and easy access to money.

Because freelancers are treated like small businesses, they need a payment method known to their customers. An example of a useful tool is the recently introduced PayPal.Me service, which allows you to easily manage your finances in different currencies, as well as instant transfers. The vendor protection program protects vendors from unfair claims, chargebacks or revocations of transactions that result from unauthorized purchases. The protection also covers cases when the ordered goods or services do not reach the customer. Almost half of all freelancers also appreciate the ability to withdraw money quickly, safely and easily.