IBM Notes 10 & IBM Domino 10 planned for 2018

To show its level of commitment, IBM is partnering strategically with HCL Technologies with the intention of publishing version 10 of Domino’s portfolio next year. The aim of the partnership is to drive the future development of the Domino family of products (Domino, Notes, Sametime and Verse), to boost supply and protect customer investments.

IBM signs strategic partnership with HCL Technologies to increase engagement and deliver major release in 2018


IBM Notes 10 & IBM Domino 10


IBM and HCL will take advantage of Domino 2025 Jam to gather feedback and suggestions that will shape the future of this portfolio. Face-to-face interactive workshops in selected cities around the world, virtual events, user group events and on-demand pop-up meetings will be part of the Domino 2025 program. These community missions are intended to Help customers and labs to be heard and allow groups to provide feedback on feature updates and future directions for the Domino family of products.

 Making Domino more Bullet Proof

  • New – Automate NSF/database repair – can be used to easily add new cluster members, add new databases, recovery from media failure or any other loss of content – all automatically.
  • New – Replica sync-up – provides tooling to reconcile any differences between database replicas automatically and without disrupting on-going usage and replication.
  • Remove the 64GB limit on NSFs and remove folder limits – folders will be able to hold millions of documents and NSF can be 256GB in size.
  • New – Full text auto-update on search and resilience – auto/scheduled rebuild, crash prevention… Set of different things: (1) auto-updating will insure that all searches return all content, (2) Automatic FT rebuilds will be triggered if Domino detects any integrity issue with an index. (3) Periodic, scheduled FT rebuilds will be made easier in Domino tools and encouraged to help improve performance and stability.
  • New – Docker Enterprise Edition images.

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In the meantime, I’ll let you watch the announcement by Ed Brill