How it works

mJOBrr Buyer and Seller Workflow

In mJOBrr, a user can act 2 roles: buyer and seller. Here’s the main interaction between the users when they visit

For example, just say that there are two users:

  • A is a buyer looking for a seller
  • B is a seller posting a mJob in mJOBrr.


The 3-Step Process Flow

mJOBrr freelancer marketplace helps a buyer (client) quickly hire reliable freelancers and skilled professionals to get projects completed with a 3-step process flow: Browse Gig Categories > Hire A Freelancer > Complete A Project.  In order to do this, a conversion-centered design has been developed for mJOBrr. A user can also have the dual roles of a seller (freelancer) and a buyer (client); you can sell and buy Gigs (services) with the same account.


Browse Gig Categories

The core value of mJOBrr freelancer marketplace relies on its ability to match buyers (clients) looking for services with the most suitable sellers (freelancers). This is the most important process flow we focus on.

On the listing page, users can browse Gigs with no confusion since each of these is displayed as a well-organised block of information. Users can easily know which Gig is suitable for their needs based on the service offering, description, ratings and pricing. Besides, users can also view related Gigs using the advance filter (by category, tag or rating) without reloading the site.

mJOBrr offers an informative Gigs detail page with clear service description, intuitive sample pictures, real order number, and reliable ratings/reviews. This helps the users to learn more about a Gig before deciding to order. Users can also select extra Gigs if the selling freelancer provides add-on services.

Hire A Freelancer

We understand how important communication is in the purchase process to help both sides clearly comprehend the scope of work and stimulate the outcome results.

Therefore, mJOBrr offers a communication system which allows buyers (clients) and sellers (freelancers) to discuss directly and receive notifications whenever they have new messages. Thus, they can constantly communicate until the ordered Gig is finished.

With a simple checkout interface, buyers will be more eager to complete orders. mJOBrr also supports users to change order information at check-out.

Once an order has been placed, with a tracking order system, both buyers and sellers can easily monitor the status of a Gig (Pending, Active, Late, Delivered, Finished, Disputing or Disputed). Each status relates closely to the Purchase & Payment flows which we will clarify more below.

Hire A Freelancer process

Complete A Project

mJOBrr aims to bring satisfaction to both buyers (clients) and sellers (freelancers) because we understand that effective user interface and experience promotes growth.

Once a seller finishes work on the Gig and delivers this to the buyer, he (the buyer) can choose to accept the work and change the status of the Gig to Order Finished, then write a review for the seller. If he is not happy with the job, he may send a dispute request to the mJOBrr admin. Please note that mJOBrr deducts a 10% commission on the value of each Gig purchased.

For buyers, mJOBrr helps monitor all Gigs easily. Sellers can change the status of a Gig (Active, Pause or Archived) based on their schedule. When a Gig is paused, it won’t be available for orders, so he won’t be overwhelmed with the workload.

Complete Project process

Payment System Flow

Our payment gateway (PayUmoney is currently used) is integrated with the order tracking system, ensuring the synchronisation between user interactions and admin controls for any transactions.

This means every transaction is controlled from a visualised interface. With an interactive dashboard users can choose their preferred payment method, monitor their revenue and send a withdrawal request conveniently. mJOBrr ensures the safety of each transaction.

Let’s look at this example for a better understanding of the process flow:


Buyer Orders A Gig

When the buyer (client) successfully places an order, the money is sent through a payment gateway to the admin account. In time, the order status is changed from Pending to Active. The money is credited to the seller’s (freelancer’s) account, letting him know that he can start to work on that order. Each transaction will be logged in the system for the admin to manage.

Order process

Seller Withdrawal

When the seller account reaches the default minimum payout (Rs 1000), he is able to send a withdrawal request to the admin. This request should be made once a week (Monday). The admin reviews the request and decides to send the payment to that seller. Disbursement of funds to freelancers will be done once a week (Tuesday). Notification will be shown on the seller’s dashboard. Freelancers should ensure their PayPal email address or Bank Account to receive payments is entered in the ‘Payment Method’ section under the ‘My Profile’ page.

Withdrawal process

Disputed Services

When a seller doesn’t complete an order on time or delivers the work with a substandard quality, the buyer can send a dispute request to the admin. On the other hand, if the seller believes he has done a good job but the buyer doesn’t accept his work, the seller can also send a dispute request to the admin.

The admin will be the one to decide the winner of each case and transfer the money to the winner’s credit account less the 10% commission on the value of the Gig purchased. Since the seller can only withdraw money for a finished  Gig, the admin has complete control in any dispute case.

Disputed A Case process

Key Features

Dashboard process

Interactive Dashboard

mJOBrr interactive dashboard allows you to handle everything including Orders, Jobs, Revenue, Withdrawals, Analytics and Messages on one page. Users are also able to complete and edit their profiles from the dashboard area.

Notification process

Onsite Notifications

You will never miss any selling or buying activities on the site with the instant notifications received by buyers and sellers informing them of the progress of Gigs purchased. The notification icon at the top of the page let’s users know there is an unread message.

Private Messaging process

Private Messaging

For the ease and accuracy of communication, mJOBrr has a private messaging tool that enables users to interact with one another. Clients can ask freelancers necessary questions regarding a Gig and also sending files that may be required for an effective execution of the task.

Two Way Tracking System process

Order Tracking

Both buyers and sellers can easily track orders on the Order Tracking System to get a progress status. This section shows the orders made (in the case of a buyer) and tasks which are required to be worked on and completed (in a seller’s case).

Payment process

Safe Payment System

All transactions are synced with the virtual currency system and protected with an installed SSL Certificate to encrypt data transmitted through the website. Payments are only processed via PayUmoney at the moment and only disbursed after the completion of a Gig.

Withdrawal process

Withdrawal System

Freelancers who have been paid for Gigs completed can request the funds once the default withdrawal threshold is reached. A request can be sent to the site admin who will then authorise the payment and the funds released, less mJOBrr’s commission.