Haapie wants to stand out with his social and cognitive robot

Until CES 2018, L’Usine Digitale presents you every day a French start-up exhibitor. Today, we discover Haapie who developed a social and cognitive robot.

At a time when Google and Amazon launch their personal assistants for the general public, Haapie intends to stand out in a BtoB market. The start-up from Rennes has developed the Haapie-One, a social robot that integrates technologies of cognitive system, speech recognition and dialogue management. If it initially targeted a robot BtoC market, the start-up has repositioned on a professional target. “For companies, this type of robot can facilitate the search for information or communication point of sale.We have incoming requests from the health sector, banking but also vocational training,” said Carolyn Hogg, co-founder of the start-up in 2015 with Frédéric Soufflet.

The voice interface

In addition to selling the robot, Haapie markets its technological developments to other white label companies. The sale of these technologies, including voice recognition, is now the business of the start-up. “We see a real democratization in the integration of voice interfaces within connected objects.” Haapie targets robotics companies, connected objects and industrialists interested in integrating this technology into user interfaces to simplify human-machine interaction.


The start-up generates 60% of its business outside France, particularly in North America. “We have competitors, especially American ones, but we differentiate ourselves with operational voice recognition technology in English and French,” said Carolyn Hogg, who has confidentiality clauses with her clients.

Hosted at Village by CA Ille-et-Vilaine, the start-up is one of 9 nuggets to have been selected by the accelerator of the bank to go to CES. Haapie hopes to gain visibility and may be seduced by early investors.