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How to become a Successful Freelancer?

When Sahil Manekiya returned to India after living in the US for four years, he was expected to get a good job here. Sahil felt that he would get a good job in a big company. However, the data analyst Sahil, who had specialization in the non-profit venture impact, was disappointed. Sahil, 29, who lives in Mumbai, said that I wanted to focus on non-profit projects but the jobs which were being offered to me were less than my skills. So he decided to become a freelancer. They find out the impact of corporate social responsibility initiative initiatives.

Corporate trainer Manish Konkad also lives in Mumbai. He is now preparing a Power Point presentation for a workshop that will take place at the end of this month. 43-year-old Manish is freelancer and he does workshops for companies’ sales team. So far, he has done workshops for FMCG, consumer electronics manufacturers, auto companies and even IT companies. He told that even though these people are from different sectors, but the foundation of effective cells is the same.

It was believed that only Writers and Photographers are doing freelance job, but now the interest of other professionals is also increasing. Due to the Internet, opportunities for freelancing are made for corporate trainers like teachers, data analysts, IT professionals and Manish. You can not only get freelance work done in your city or country, but from any part of the world. According to an estimate, every third user of is from India. This is a US based website that helps freelancers get the assignment and takes some amount as commission after the deal is done.

Freelancing trend is growing rapidly. The number of such people is increasing, leaving regular employment and trying out luck in freelancing. These people want to work according to their own. They do not like routine jobs from 9 am to 5 pm. Such professionals work on their own terms.
It is true that in freelancing you become free from corporate tightness. You are your boss and can work as a mind-boggling. Although it is not that easy too. Aditya Narayan Mishra, president (staffing) of head hunting firm Randstad India said that with freelancing, you get the freedom to work on your terms, but this is not the case for flowers. Hard work has to be done to make your identity. You will only be considered as successful freelancers when you have regular income from this.

How to get started?

There is no shortage of jobs. You just need to work according to your expertise. Sangeeta Lala, Senior Vice President, HR Consultation firm TeamLease said that you do not make a decision just by looking at the current demand. You have to see that what you are going to do, what will happen in future? If you choose a field, you also have to keep in mind about the latest developments in it. When the new company bill passed, Sahil immediately found a chance to have a business in his clause. It has been said that a fixed size company will have to spend 2% annually of their three year annual profit on the CSR Initiative. He told that if you research your field well, then there is a lot of help in making the space in the market.

Similarly, Mumbai-based freelance photographer Kedar Bhat found business opportunity to train an amateur photographer. He charges 3,000 rupees for one day workshop from a student. The Freelancer does not have a big brand name. They get new work because of old work. That’s why you should first create a work sample. Along with this, the reference to satisfied clients also helps in finding new jobs.
There is no need to spend a lot of money on this. The work sample has to show just what you can do. Director Asif Upadhyay said in the Employee Engagement firm Never Grow Up that if you do not have old work experience to show clients, then create a dummy sample. Work samples will not be okay without any possible clients.

Look and behaviors also have an impact.
Having your own boss does not mean that you can do everything according to your own. It is true that you are not an employee and there is no dress code for the freelancer. Although your outfit should get a glimpse of professionalism. If you are getting into the caseware from the client, it may be that he does not take you seriously. You should realize that you are marketing manager, cost accountant, hr head and CEO. Be Humble When Meeting a Client If the client does not understand your point of view, do not lose your temper. If someone can not do your service at the same time, do not look at him with a low vision. Keep one thing in mind that the customer is always right. Listen to her things Change your offer according to his needs. Do not ask to change the customer according to your offer. Besides, do not hesitate to seek advice from people who are already working in the market.

Looking for work
Finding work for the freelancer is the most difficult. He has to go to many places and spend time. It also takes a lot of money. Manish said that if you do not get a reply from a proposal or a prospective client, your heart may be broken. When he started freelancing, he started contacting companies directly. He told that in the first two months of the year, I only applied to auto companies. Officials of those companies felt that my age was very low for giving corporate training. After struggling for a few months, an IT company approved my proposal and gave me permission to train my employees. Due to social media and website, clients and freelancers are now getting involved in this. This makes life of freelancers quite easy. Mishra of Randstad told that networking has improved greatly due to the Internet and social media.

Many online and offline sources can be exploited for work. Freelancing websites take commission of 10-15% of your earnings, but despite this, it is a good deal. Dealing directly with a foreign client for a freelancer can be difficult. Direct Dealing with any Indian entity can lead to many dangers. Clients know that Freelancer is alone. In such cases, many times he tries to take advantage of it. Therefore, payment is delayed and without any reason the work is rejected. If you work with the help of a website, then these problems will not be confronted. With the help of these websites, you get paid easily after the completion of the project.

The most popular foreign freelance websites are and In this case the popularity of Indian websites is also increasing. However, before dealing with a website, it should be well-understood. You can ask other freelancers about the excitement of working with that website.