Have you always played by the rules, but it hasn’t gotten you career advice?Are you still paying your dues waiting for somebody to notice?Have you taken career advice from EVERYBODY and their cat, but you’re still spinning your wheels?Are you dying for career change but have no clue where to start?

Need to develop a career strategy? Not sure what you’re passionate about? Want to change career/job but need skills upgrade?

I have successfully helped guide lots of individuals realize who they are, where they wish to go, & how to get to their career destiny. Regardless of age, culture, geography, experience etc.. I guarantee you will be 100% satisfied.

Example topics include:

Professional Networking
Job search strategy
Interview techniques and prep
A career path for any stage of life
Personal Branding, How and Why
Grooming, move up the corporate ladder/promotion
Career transitioning
Effective resume writing and interview communication skills
Self-esteem, Confidence and Motivational development