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we scrap the data and put it in excel ,word or csv and databases so that they can be used in reusable formats and used as a source of information for making decisions furthers.

Client : An E-commerce startup from silicon valley

Challenge : The client was building his MVP and wanted to scrape E-commerce sites like Amazon to get product feeds delivered daily. He also wanted to have the control over the source code and all delivered at an affordable cost.

Solution : Some sites had tough anti-scraping mechanisms. We used Python Scrapy framework to write the web scrapers. Evading the anti-scraping mechanisms were successfully done by using IP rotators. We ensured continues data delivery using our technology infrastructure. Read our blog to know more..

Benefits :

  • Successfully completed the scrape.
  • Every technicality involved were taken care of by our team.
  • We ensured continues data delivery.

Takeaway : Product data feeds from e-commerce sites are used for a variety of purposes. Whether you want to build an affiliate e-commerce site, price comparison site or even e-commerce market research, this data is useful. mJOBrr.com helps people gather product feeds through web scraping. We use open source technologies to cut down cost and save you from proprietary technology deadlock.