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According to many online articles, our own researches and case studies, this is what you need in order to have more traffic and exposure:

1. Plenty of Traffic which may lead YouTube views!

2. SEO and Social Media – Promotion on Blogs and Social Networks.

3. Video Rating (likes, dislIkes, comments).

4. Optimized Video Title and Description.

You will receive:

10 Post on Social Network pages in your niche: Facebook, Google+, major ones only! (people interested in what you do!)

10 NICHE related Blog Posts with embed video. (Page Rank up to 9)

10,000 – GSA Tier 2 Links (helps to strengthen the blog posts)

 Chance of getting clicks from these blogs !

 What you should use the gig for:

★ Improving SEO rankings of videos

★ Brand promotion

★ General niches

★ Affiliate marketing advertising

The Process:

You just have to provide us with your URL. We will submit your video and send you a full report of the work done!

Please, Note that the traffic is from real humans; We can’t force them to like the video or subscribe to your channel.  Many People expect this from us!