Is your Business website secured?
because more than 20,000 wordpress Web Sites  Hacked per Day due to weak Security!
If your wordpress website gets hacked, it’s very hard to win audience’s trust again.
It will ruin your business, it will ruin your business reputations.

So if your wordpress website not secured yet, Then this gig is for you.

For this Gig you will get:

  1. Setup top security plugin
  2. Hardening it via .htaccess file
  3. SQL injection protection
  4. Brute-force protection
  5. Filter suspicious query
  6. Close all available backdoors in your theme & plugin
  7. Disabled direct PHP Executing, So hackers can’t do anything even if they upload a Shell.
  8. Change default login link
  9. Setup auto database backup to email
  10. and Much more secret tweaks that will ensure your website has TOP level security without compromising website loading speed and features.

I will need:

  1. Your site login link
  2. WP-admin login
  3. cPanel login or Hosting account login details (Optional)
  4. Backup mail to send backup


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