I will manually format and convert your word document to a Kindle Book as freelancer. Your final document will look 100% professional with a hyper-linked, clickable Table Of Contents.

Some of my key features:

  • Professional design and layout of your pages, with correct title, paragraph and text styling applied.
  • Clickable table of contents(TOC) and active weblinks.
  • Correct page breaks inserted.
  • Formatting of front matter such as title and copyright pages.
  • 100% guarantee approved by amazon.

Please give me:
1. Final Word Document
2. Your cover (.jpg)


How to order:
1 to 80 pages = 1 mJOB
81 to 160 pages = 2 mJOB
161 to 241 pages = 3 mJOB , etc…

For Recipe books:
1 mJOB = 40 recipes
2 mJOB = 80 recipes

For Picture eBooks, please, contact me first. These types of formatting have special quotes.

You Get Clickable TOC, Your Formatted and Converted eBook in .mobi and .docx formats