First Impressions

I will screen record my first impressions of your Home page or a single landing page.

  • Test Desktop
  • 5 Minutes
  • 1 Page Tested

How you think visitors shop your website is often different from the way they actually do!  In this user testing, I play the role of your visitor via screen capture video and give you feedback about my user experience — what I’m thinking as I shop, navigate and test website function. See how easily I complete a specific task, general shopping scenario, find usability problems and uncover why people get stuck.

  • Female Perspective – If your business sells to women, this test will be valuable for you because women shop differently.
  • Generational Perspective – After viewing over 3000 websites, I have a good eye for recognizing cues that appeal to Boomers, Gen X (my generation), and Millennials.
  • HD Quality Included – Some sellers charge extra for this, but I include high definition with large video dimensions for easy viewing.
  • Watch Me Test Your Website – The mJOBrr delivery system allows you to watch the video directly inside the order area or you can download and share with others.