Main Package

For Rs. 499 you will get all 7 bullet points described below!

  • Tracking Tags
  • Custom GA Report
  • Conversion Report
  • 7 configured goals included
  • Create analytics dashboard
  • Account Setup

Keeping your website in a perfect condition is essential for your traffic, and customers experience on the site.

The purpose of this gig is to present a better experience for both, your clients and Google! If Google can’t crawl your site due to an issue, they won’t give you a spot on the first page, where potential customers are looking for your service! It is the same with the visitors on your website,  90% of them will leave the page if it doesn’t load faster than 5 seconds!

Don’t worry; the Doctor is here to help! 😀

For Rs 499 you will get:

  1. DIY SEO Plan. step by step explanation!
  2. Tips for Higher Conversions and better engagement with your visitors.
  3. On Page SEO Report – Meta Descriptions, Titles, Content and more.
  4. Off Page SEO Report – Full Backlinks Analysis,Opportunities,Plan and more!
  5. Backlink Profile Cleanup – Removing all bad links to your website, Diversify your link and anchor text structure.
  6. Fixing any Google Penalty!
  7. A .PDF with all these points above and step by step guide on how to get them easily fixed!

We guarantee to put your website in a perfect condition, have more traffic and happy clients!