Freelancer Adsense guide – Today the blog is the most trusted ad network to earn from blogs. We have already given you tips to increase your AdSense revenue, but since then there have been a lot of changes in the policy, and Google has given many tips.

Optimize Ad Layout

– Whenever you add elsewhere on the web page, keep a balance between blog design along with earnings.

– You should make sure that you are familiar with the general guidelines and are not violating them.

– Use Above the Fold a 320 × 100 size ad unit on mobile web pages. It should be put in place where all the users who open this page are easily visible.

– Above the fold should be a 300 × 600 size ad unit on desktop web pages. Those advertisers who want to create brand ambience are interested in it.

– In addition to putting the right unit on a web page, it is also important that you write and publish content that your audience likes them very much.

Mobile Readers Are Growing Fast

Today, when everyone has a smartphone, then the topic will remain incomplete without including the mobile readers in AdSense Best Practices.

– If no webpage loads in 3 seconds, many users leave the webpage. Today, mobile handsets are more than desktop. Therefore, publishers can not ignore the importance of fast-loading mobile sites.

– Work with different content and add strategies for both mobile and desktop. Because the strategy that works for the mobile version does not necessarily work well for desktop.

– Because if the page does not open in 3 seconds, many users close the web page, try to increase the speed of the web page.

– Use a Representative Ad Unit, which sets its own size on different size screen size.

– The ad unit should be placed in such a way that it is at least 150px away from the content so that the chance of accidental clicks can be reduced.

– Place the 320 × 100 size ad unit in place of 320 × 50, the larger unit also shows the small ad unit, so the ad compression is increased.

Improve Ad Quality

– Do not fill web pages with add-ons and make a lot of garbage, keep more useful content for readers and add add-ons to it.

– Do not use such add layouts that encourage readers to click. If it is not possible for users to differentiate between advertising and content, then your AdSense account can also be suspended.

– Do not forget to click on any of the ads appearing on your webpage.

– Use Google Analytics to track the quality of your web traffic, if you are susceptible to traffic patterns, correct the problem as soon as possible.

– The Ad Balance Sub tab inside the My Ads tab in the AdSense Dashboard is a new feature which gives information about the removal of the ad unit not performing on your blog. So that the best performing ad unit on your blog and perform well. It has a positive effect on users’ experience and user engagement.

– Follow the Adsense Code Implementation Guide and Comprehensive Guide.

Correct Content Strategy

Content strategy is also included in AdSense Best Practices, let’s see what’s important:

– Put 7 sentences in each paragraph, and keep post with 700 to 800 pixels, and divide the content into heading and subheading.

– For more time the content of the content is available, please write the content a little bit by studying in detail. Trending topics can get immediate benefits, as well as organic traffic on such content is also good.

– With good content writing, you have to create a frequency of publishing, so that your content remains in the search engine. Along with this you also remember your audience. For this, you should create and implement website publishing calendar.

– On YouTube, millions of people watch millions of hours of video every day, because they enjoy it more. By placing some videos in your content, you can stop the audience for a long time on the webpage.

– By connecting your Adsense and Analytics account, you can create content groups and landing page reports. With this you will be able to know which theme is doing the best work and on which pages the audience comes up repeatedly.

– By using these two reports and using the Demographics and Interests tab in analytics report, try to learn about your readers – their interests, likes and dislikes – and with these learning, experiment with your content calendar.

Through the above AdSense Best Practices, you can increase your revenue by attracting your readers, visitors, and audiences.