How to Index Fast Freelance WordPress Website or Blog?
How to quickly index your blog in Google

Friends, whenever you create a new website or blog, the search engine takes a little time to read the new website’s page and add it to your search engine!

But if you have created a new blog or a new website and you want the Google search engine or even the search engine to quickly add your website to your search result, you can definitely try it.

For that, you just have to understand how any search engine works and how it comes to a new website and a blog or website page.

Index and crawling

First of all, you have to understand that what is crawling and indexing.

Whenever we create a website or blog and create some pages in it, then the search engine comes to the website and the website page, if you have placed a sitemap and a robot file on the website, then the search engine will allow your website’s robots and sitemap And checks how many pages are there in the website, when search engines have pages and links to your website, it is called crawling.

Now after falling all the pages, the search engine will add your page to its search result, it is called index, and after indexing your website starts appearing in search engine.


So you just have to understand this rule of search engine and you can quickly index your website.
How to quickly share your new website in the search engine

1. Sitemap – Sitemap is a simple file but it works very important for search engines, the search engine first sees the sitemap, your website has more than 100 pages or 1000, comes in search engine sitemap and checks How many pages are there and which link is linked to.

2. Robots – After creating a Sitemap, you have to create a robots file and add it to your website, because the search engine gets a command in the robots file to show which page is not shown in its search result or which page to show. The file of robots is also an integral part.

3. Webmaster Tools – As soon as you create a robots and sitemap file in your website, you now have to go to Google Webmaster and from that you have to add your website, as you add the website, Adding a link to your website’s sitemap so that the search engine can quickly find out that the link to any website is now added to Webmaster Tools

4. Google Analytics – In addition to this you have to connect your website link to Google Analytics in the next tool of search engine, Google Analytics is a Google service through which you can see how many people come to your website, and Where do they come from

5. Social Links – It is also necessary to create all the social profiles of your new business or blog, along with your website, links to your social links like Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter etc. also appear in your website as well as in the search engine.

6. Directory – Add your website to some Famous Website Directory such as MOZ and VIO or Yahoo Directory, all these directory sites are very popular, and if your new website is accepted in these directories then you can get good backlinks in the beginning.

7. Feed Burner – If you are populating your blog, do not forget to use a feed burner, feed burners are still used too much, its users have already been reduced to a lesser extent but its importance is not low even today. Happened, Google Feed Burner is a free service, if you write something in a feed burner, then that word will appear automatically everywhere where you have used a feed burner

We expect you to have liked this post, every part of the search engine optimization has its own importance, from a small robot file to forum posting, all equally important, after all these efforts, There are some off-page SEO for the website that will make your website appear faster in the search engine,