Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Freelance Websites

WordPress is the best platform for creating and sharing your blog, so far most platforms that are used for blogs or websites are the names of the WordPress names. WordPress is also good because it is very easy to learn and use and any work that we want to do on any other blog, very easy to do in WordPress.

Also, the best part of WordPress is that we get thousands of plugins to work in WordPress that make our work even easier. WordPress has become one of the most widely used platforms in the world today, along with free blog, WordPress also offers free support. For this reason, WordPress has been quite famous.

But the people liked the wordpress,  because it offers free plugins with WordPress, and all the plugins work in one way,
We do not get enough facilities in the rest of the blog platforms as we get in WordPress.

Today, we want to share some of our plugins in this post, the plugin makes our work easier, as well as helps in ranking our website as well.

Some of the plugins are those without which your WordPress blog or your WordPress website is incomplete, so if you are not using them, use it once.
Maybe it makes your work even easier, first of all we see which WordPress plugin is most famous.

Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins
1. Jetpack

JetPack is the top of the plugin list of WordPress, and it is quite popular, for its features, there are many features available in the same plugin which optimize your website or blog, JetPack shows traffic on your blog. As well as the content placed on your website, it frees up the image and puts the security of your website in control.

2. Yoast SEO

The WordPress plugin’s second most installed plugin, called Yost SEO, shows the full control of your website, as well as gives you the option to do SEO of the website, if you are new to SEO, then you can Must use the plugin.
This plugin tells you how your website looks well in Google. There is an option in Yoosh SEO to add Seo title, Mate description and sitemap.

3. Redirection

If your website does not open with www or you want your website open with no www, then you should use this plugin redirection, along with the redirection plugin you can also plug any post on any other page. Inside the redirection plugin you will also get options like 301 and 404 redirection.

4. Google Analytics by Yoast

Along with Yoest SEO, this plugin is also well-known that you should install in your WordPress, if you do not want to use Google Analytics or not, then Yoost Analytics is a good option for you. It’s like a Google Analytics. Describes incoming traffic and keywords.

5. Related Posts

If your WordPress blog has been a bit good and traffic has started coming to your blog, then you must use the Reliable Post Plugin, the logo appearing on the Related Posts Plugin blog, and the end of every post. Shows other posts related to the post, attracting users and other posts.

6. Broken Link Checker

Similar to the other plugins, this plugin is also essential for your blog, your blog will continue to work well without this plugin, but if there is a link in it, you will not get the details of it, but if you check your blog with Broken Link You will find all the details of the Broken Link that you can fix.

7. AddThis

Very simple but very powerful plugin, with the help of which you can share every post you posted directly to the website, there is a link to all types of social media within Ad Aid, you can send your post to any social media website Can share directly in site.

8. Duplicator

As the name suggests, this plugin works exactly the same, if you have a WordPress blog or a website then you will sometimes have the fear that if your website data does not get deleted or defective Go.
Because of this, you should install this plugin in your blog, due to this plugin, you can make a complete backup of your WordPress, and if you ever get data deleted then you have no problem.

9. All in One SEO Pack

Similar to Yoest SEO, this plugin works exactly the same way, but if you do not want to use Yoest SEO, you can use this plugin,
It’s a bit easier to use this plugin and it also includes all your features such as Webmaster tool verification, Google Analytics verification or sitemap and robot.

10. WP Fastest Cache

If you have a lot of users come to your WordPress blog or website and have daily traffic, then you must install the WP Fastest Cache plugin, the WP PasteCache plugin replaces your WordPress blog in simple HTML, as well as the incoming user Creates cache for which the blog opens fast
This plugin optimizes CSS built in your blog, as well as minimizes javascript, this script also compresses your HTML code.

Hope you liked this post, there are a lot of plugins for WordPress that can be good with the best or our shared plugin, but this post does not get much bigger so we only share the most needed plugins If you find some shortcomings in this post, you can tell us in the comment.