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Online Content Writing Jobs, is a job done by a self-employed person, who is independent online writing jobs symbolized by a laptop and a book, usually not engaged to a particular employer in the long run. An online freelance job is the job you get and do with the help of a computer and internet connection. With discipline and planning, you can earn hundreds of dollars a week sitting at home in front of a computer. in fact, you do not have to be sitting at home, you can work from anywhere you want.
He seems very attractive to be an online freelancer, but many do not know how to go about it. The questions that come to mind are:

Online Content Writing Jobs

What are the first steps?

Which sites can offer me independent jobs?
How and where to find independent trusted websites?
What do I need to own as a freelancer?
Where can I get a decent payment for my talent?

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

Am I good at writing, programming, teaching, developer etc.?
Can I write well and the quality of the content for the web?
Am I ready to learn and adapt?

If the answer to the above 3 questions is yes, I am good at it or can handle it. then, you may need:

Sign up and you in the list of trusted independent job sites.
Have an open mind for negotiations.
Google for Inspiration, However plagiarism is a big NO
Submit articles to directories, participate in forums
Have an online portfolio to showcase your talent.

A story unfolds …

One of the things we all dream of is to work from wherever and whenever we decide. In this age of computing and the Internet and everything online, it seems easy to live our dreams. Most of the people I talked to and who know a little bit about computers want to earn something part time, work online. This means that the majority of computer literacy wants to make money doing online work.
Beware of scams

Surfing through the internet, you come across different sites offering ways to make money fast, promising you the stars. In the end, you are trapped in scams and fake offers and end up losing money and time.
It’s not easy to tell a fake site from a real one. It is not surprising. The Internet is an open market, everyone has an equal chance to post to publish or sell something. It takes years of experience and knowledge on the internet to tell a fake site from a real one.
Of course companies can close and sites can go bankrupt and disappear. however, that is an exception for authentic sites.

What skills are needed?

In this article, I have just listed a few trusted sites that can help you realize your dreams of working from anywhere you want and at your own pace.
What can you do online work with a computer and without a website that can earn you enough money? Any skills that you are comfortable with or ready to learn can be used to make money online. It is an advantage if you have your own website to showcase your skills to make yourself known.

The freelancer online

How about being a freelance writer or a freelancer in whatever you are interested in? You can work as a freelancer in the subject that you are comfortable with. You can


be your own boss and work at your own free will. You can be free and decide to work or not to work. It’s a beautiful life. You get to decide topics and clients and even the rate of pay. You can also negotiate your salary / expenses. Is not it fantastic? however, you may have to follow certain guidelines affected by the sites offering you work. There can be teething problems and challenges, but you can easily overcome and then start making money in tens and hundreds of dollars a week, etc. Monthly. If you are good at writing, you can make a lot of money by selling your writing skills. There are many sites that need original content and they need your services. Online writing jobs are a very big business and you can call it an industry in itself. There are some reputable sites / companies that can help you earn your desired income by hiring you for specific jobs. You can do it part-time or full-time, or on a temporary basis.

Know how much you are worth

There are many online writing sites that you pay for peanuts for what you do and the work of the excerpt. Do not fall prey to such companies. Get the big fish. Know which sites to register with. You need to know where to get a decent return for your writing skills.
If you think it’s difficult to find a good job online at home jobs or if you are overwhelmed with websites that offer jobs that seems too good to be true. Do not worry, I have created a list of trustworthy sites that you can sign up for to reach your dream goals.
There is really no free meal

Understand now, there is nothing called free lunch, you have to work to get money, but you can earn a decent income by doing an ethical and wonderful job. This is not a fast becoming rich thing that will turn you into a millionaire night. It’s like any other job except you decide when and where to get the job done.
Sign up with independent job sites Genuine

You can find many independent websites if you search the internet. And all you need to do is register with one of these websites. I mean register on the authentic sites. I have compiled a list of sites that I think, and the trust is genuine. These are sites that the world’s largest companies or reputable companies go to get their jobs done. Of course, there are bad people everywhere, but not getting paid for the work you have done is very rare if you list it yourself and find customers from these trusted sites. The advantage is that you are protected to a certain extent. You must understand the policies & procedures and terms and conditions of the respective websites.
You can sell your writing skills, your software skills, your programming skills, your job skills, pedagogical skills, etc. You name them, it is necessary for that.

An advice to aspiring independent jobseekers

My advice is first to browse these sites and then sign up for one of them. Take your time to go deep through it and you will finally get the hang of it.

dollar notes

Anyone who has basic knowledge of English can start blogging and writing articles. Post articles to your own website. You will gain confidence in your abilities after writing a few articles. There are other types of online writing outside of article writing, such as technical writing, ghost writing, copywriting, creative writing, editing, proofreading, etc. You must have patience and should not be in a hurry to go. You must know how much you are worth. Be confident about this subject. Start writing articles to gain experience and earn dollars in the process. Take the time to learn the ropes.
It’s good to have an online portfolio to showcase your talent

Beginning as a writer, you need the world to know what you are doing and how you are doing it. The best place to showcase your talent is your own website. Of course, you can publish your articles on the internet for free just to establish yourself, but it also has its disadvantages. You should know where to publish. However contributing and writing on forums will help boost your online presence. I recommend having your own website too. Today, it is very easy to start your own blogging site. You can start blogging at home and make money through affiliate marketing on your site. I will post an article here on how to set up a blog site easily and quickly.

Google for Inspiration, but demarcation is a big step!

You can search and search in Google for inspiration, but not copy and paste the work of others, you can easily get caught and blacklisted. You must write original content. There is software that can include stolen content. All your submitted content is checked for plagiarism by the software in sites like Copyscape and PaperRater.

The contents can be checked for grammar, spelling and more by using a free online editor at
Why wait? Start right now!

Wish you a happy and prosperous life as a freelancer!

Here is a list of My Favorite Top 7 Freelance Job Sites Online


mJOBrr is one of the largest and most reputable online job platforms in India. Companies can post jobs and search for freelancers and get proposals for getting jobs done.

Upwork formerly known as oDesk, is a global online job platform. It is one of the largest independent online workplaces that is acclaimed by millions.

Fiverr is a place where you go to get something you want to do. It is a market for creative and professional services. Everything and everything at Fiverr starts at $ 5. Get paid a minimum of $ 5 for any work you do, or pay $ 5 for any job you want to do. He is my favorite! is the largest and safest market in the world for finding rock star Filipino workers. You can post a post or do a job here.

Toptal is a site that provides a developer service. If you are a great and talented software engineer, you can sign up with Toptal, pass the interview and get to work with the bigwigs of the industry, and in the process of being paid handsomely.

99designes is a specialized website that provides a graphic designer service. You can showcase your talents and creators skills here and earn a decent income. Designs work in a unique way that benefits both the customer and the customer.

Freelancer is one of the simplest and safest to post or do a job online. It’s a place to hire freelancers and find freelance jobs online
Please find some freelance writing job sites online you can try.