Freelance Jobs in Delhi: Increasing Craig of Freelance Job Instead of Permanent in Youth

Good job, great money and lots of whole weekend fun This is the meaning of careers for the younger generation of young people. But when there are reports of layoffs from many big employers in the country, then there will be less chance of such career opportunities.

Although if you have any special skills, you are an expert in your subject and you trust your talent, then you do not have to find a job permanently anywhere. The job will come to you while looking for you.

This trend is growing fast in the whole world and it has been named ‘Gig’ Economy. ‘Gig’ is a word of English and has many meanings, one of which is the performance of a musician or music band.

freelance jobs in delhi

The name of ‘Gig’ economy has also come from here, in which the workers work on a contract like a musician or music band and take away the money. You can also call them an Independent Worker and include freelancers, consultants, tanker staff and on-call workers.

According to the State of Independence in America Survey of MBO Partners, there are about 40 million freelancers in the US, and about eight million people are earning more than a million dollars annually. The importance of gig economy workforce in America can be estimated by the fact that about 31 percent of the total private jobs are from the Independent Workforce.

74 percent of the people in the survey said that they are very satisfied with their work and lifestyle, while 65 percent said they volunteered to become freelancers.

Even in our country, the trends of the Gig Economy Workforce have increased rapidly. You may be surprised to know that at present there are about 1.5 crore workers in the country, who give priority to temporary jobs or temporary jobs rather than permanent jobs.

Recognizing some of these opportunities, the gig became part of the economy and in some compulsions. But in the last five years since the start of IT startup in the country began to grow rapidly, the number of Gig Economy Workforce has also increased rapidly.

Today, all the IT companies in the country are recruiting temporary staff in large numbers for the purpose of cost cutting and better fisheries. Whether it is big companies such as Infosys and Wipro, or mid-sized companies like MindTree and Persistent Systems.

In America, there is a lot of temporary employees from permanent and permanent employees working in IT and IT enabled services companies. There is no such situation in India right now, but these trends are holding fast. There are many international companies, who are working as an aggregator for freelance jobs in delhi workers. These include names such as elans, apworks, freelancers.

There are names like TeamLease, Avenue Growth and Tugit in India, which can help you to become part of the Gig Economy Workforce. TeamLease So far 16 lakh people have been given temporary jobs in different 1900 companies in the country.

If you want to be a part of the Gig Economy Workforce, then you have to start with your skill. Apart from IT Services you can find work in sectors such as Article Writing, Education and Training and Computer Animation.


There is a huge demand for work such as software development, network designing and coding in IT services. Apart from this, work like graphic designing, search engine optimization and internet marketing are also in great numbers.


The big advantage of being a gig worker is that you get the freedom to do your own free will do freelance jobs in delhi. As long as there is a project or contract in hand, do it until you feel like taking holidays. But there is also a disadvantage that your earnings are not fixed.

Maybe your income will be very good in a month and next month you have to leave empty hands. If you are mentally prepared to withstand such ups and downs, then welcome to the fast growing gig economy around the world.