Freelance Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

Small and Easy Email Subscription Forms: Under the Easy Subscription Form, instead of the large form, take very important and little information, so that customer bounce is not back. and yes! Do not forget to thank him by mail.

Clear and impressive email Newsletter: After the customer subscribes to your blog, you send it to your company / brand newsletter, which includes introduction of your brand in a better manner, and changes from time to time, including clear notice with bullet points Yes, keep sending. If it includes a personal touch (personal name) it will prove to be good on gold.

Responsive Website or Blog is today: Being a RESPONSIVE of your website / blog is extremely important in today’s time. You should not forget the statement of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, in which he has said that Microsoft has made a big mistake by thinking that the desktop computer’s time will not change. Browsing on mobile devices has increased a lot in today’s time.

Make your email list essentially: Email marketing is ultimately meaningless as a plan. Creating an email list in it, at what time it is necessary to determine who else to send, with continuity. You will see in your stats that the results are getting better.

Specific mail for every audience group: When you send mailers to your regular target audience in email marketing, it does not appear that you are saying non-essential things, but it will be of interest to your target audience. Keep in mind, good email marketing does not mean ‘bulk mail’, so do not be lazy and try to mail in accordance with individuals.

Email Subject and Content should be small but Solid: Pay special attention to the subject line in email marketing, otherwise the mail server will send your mail to spam or if this filtering is escaped, then your customer will delete the subject line and see if the subject line should be specific The customer says that we must read this mail. With this you keep the mail short, because the customer will be bored after seeing a long match because people want to avoid scrolling, so if you have given a brief link and it can prove to be beneficial. Use small pictures as needed. and yes! Call the action button in the customer’s reach.

Exact timing for mail blast : However, it is dependent on the interests of the different customer, but when you send mail, it would be worthwhile to note that whether your customer mailbox will open at that time. Often people (freelancer, bloggers) send a lot of mail at midnight, thus reducing the possibility of seeing the mail. Well people do the most mail check after lunch.

Make your mail greedy : If you have given the option of some coupons, incentives in the mail, then definitely the increase in the sign will increase. In this regard, if you have seen Goodyadi / Bijarak’s mailers, you will understand how to send a Gready Mail to the customers.

Use mailing software like mailchimp, awebr, get response : There are many managed software for email marketing such as mailchimp, avbar, gate response etc, which are used by all bloggers according to their convenience. We will discuss this further, by then, we will take a leave of luck.