A few years ago, when you used to buy web hosting information, companies had limited web hosting plans. But nowadays unlimited web hosting plans are sold and purchased. Do you know everything about unlimited web hosting and unlimited bandwidth ?

Whenever you buy a web hosting plan from a company, then a few things should be taken care of. So that you do not have any problems in the future. But you might be thinking about what I need more than unlimited hosting disk space and bang bandwith.

5 Big Problems with Free Web Hosting
What are the things to keep in mind when buying web hosting

What does unlimited disk space mean

We upload many files and images to run a dynamic website such as WordPress. In this case, you must have web hosting with unlimited disk space.

What is the advantage of unlimited bandwidth

Many visitors come to a successful website. In this case, it is very important for you to have unlimited data transfer (unlimited bandwidth plan) on your site. So when a website content becomes viral, your site may not be closed due to the server bandwidth limit.

Are Unlimited Web Hosting Plans Really Unlimited

Greed comes from hearing unlimited words in mind. But is the unlimited web hosting service really worth something like unlimited?

1. The soft limit of uploads

There are all kinds of resources in this world, so how can an unlimited web hosting plan be unlimited? You will be surprised to know that web hosting companies offer mostly 20 GB soft limit (English: 20 GB soft limit). Here the soft limit means that you can upload as many as 20 GB size files to the server.

When you install a WordPress blog, you can take up to 1 GB of space here on the web server. It does not really have 1GB, but due to the second files and software needed to colorize this setup, its size is up to 1 GB.

Also, if you keep regular backups of your blog, gradually the size of the files reaches 20 GB. Then web hosting companies send you the warning for this. But even if you keep getting old backups from time to time, sometimes your website data will reach 20 GB. In this way your unlimited web hosting limited will become web hosting.

2. RAM usage limit

This type of limit is often seen with shared web hosting services. Apart from this, many companies show CPU and RAM too much. But to run a website, it just puts a limit of 50 MB RAM. So if you install a premium theme and a lot of resource-consuming plugins on your WordPress blog, your website is crashing again and again. Because they do not get more than 50 MB RAM to run and function.
3. Limit for database creation

Some companies also decide the database limit (English: Database limit). You can not create more than 5, 10, 50 or 100 databases, and the size of a database can not be more than 1GB. There is no such thing as unlimited.

4. Domain placement limit

You should also see how many domains can be used with the web hosting plan you are buying. Many times it happens that the web hosting plan is said to be unlimited but you can put one domain on it. In simple words it means that you can run the same website. You can create another website but instead of putting a new domain on it, you have to use a sub-domain.

5. Limit of using server resources

Many companies limit the use of 25 to 30 resorts for one website and do not allow them to experiment more than 90 seconds. If your website runs more than 30 resource usage and server process then it crashes. So your readers can not access your blog. Most shared web hosting do this, whether it’s Blue Host, Hostgator or anyone else.

6. Limit of FTP Account

When we talk of web hosting, talk of FTP also arises. Many companies allow you to create Limited FTP user accounts (English: Limited FTP user accounts) under Unlimited Hosting plans. You can create only 5 accounts. So whenever you buy a web hosting plan, make a list of your requirements and match them with the services provided by the service provider.

Now you must have been thinking that all the website hosting companies are scamming with their users. But this is not entirely true, these companies give you limited tetra bytes space (English: limited tetra bytes disk space) to experiment. If you build and plan your website by making sense and planning, so there is no policy violation, then this is so much space that you can consider it unlimited.