Email Marketing Freelancer : 10 Tips for Writing an Email Promotion

1. Accept your customers and potential customers
Send an email of thanks for every new prospect which your customer (newsletter) receives. The email you send should be really personal. Email marketing is based on the relationship. And as I like to say on this blog, your success will always depend on the quality of relations you have with your readers and prospects. Show them is not really a person behind your blog or capture page.

Emails which I talk to in the evening or day their registration can be sent in the following. To save time, you can type two to three types of emails you can not send through your auto-responder, but using your email. Do not forget to remind them of their name.

2. Protecting personal information
Your readers know that their information will remain confidential, so you want to give them that guarantee. Tell them that your email address will not be given or sold to third parties. If possible, add a privacy section to your newsletter. Everyone uses the same formula and some people now really believe in it. Then your personal message (if you can).

3. Subscription should be as easy as register register
Members end up for several reasons and you have respected that. So remember to display a subscription end link right after your email signature. AWeber for users is displayed automatically in this link.

Feeling angry, because do not (almost) do nothing personal. Asking to remove a customer’s possibilities from your list, you do it! Because the way, this person never email anyone even read it, so your email you a good job, so it has increased its inventory of prospects and worse-offerings, increase your cost monthly subscription you AWeber to For example.

4. Do not send them many emails.
Many readers usually subscribe because they feel they receive a lot of messages from you. Unless it is a registration for your newsletter, do not shower email. Customers hate it. One or two emails per week is more than enough (in general).

5. Personalize Your Messages
Your reader (prospect) knows that the email he receives does not have to be alone for him. He said that there was a need to feel privileged and recognized. A “Hello Allen” always better than simply “the dear customer of my newsletter”. Most autoresponders offer variables that you add to your message only once, and then are changing from names and / or names of your readers. It is less painful than if you were to do this manually.

6. Use attractive and descriptive title
If there is more information in the reader giving an attractive title, then you want to open your email. There is no effective email marketing without attractive title. Make many tests and keep those generally open rates are high enough. Your title should be descriptive, what will it give to your catchiness? It should immediately challenge the reader.

7. Do not use it for sale on the Internet
When you ask the beginning and intermediate entrepreneurs why they need an autoresponder, the answer to this question is always the same: “This is for keeping email addresses and providing (then) products for later”. Basically, it is said that your message is. And you never heard of: I made the first, to build trust, strong, lasting relationship that would allow me to sell then.

First of all, the mistake of all these nicknames is “experts” who believe that their autoresponder only works to promote prospects.
Second, the mistake lies in their attitude. They are opportunists and see and listen only who will choose to suit them. They read a far enough complete article on land and email marketing on a blog, but what they choose to remember: Email Capture – Lead – Customers – Money

Fortunately, the reality knows that these people catch (when I started as it did with me) Before being a sales tool, an autoresponder is primarily a communication device. It is also one of the pillars of marketing.

8. Reward your customers’ loyalty.
Provide them free ebooks, coupons or anything else that will allow them to feel privileged.

9. Offer useful and relevant advice
Capturing an email address that is a thing, though, is not the most difficult. You should also learn to keep your readers. Not only in your list of membership, but also in your list of loyal readers For that, you have to respect, as I mentioned above, to bother them with the promotional email, to avoid the respect of a sending frequency, and most importantly, advice, tips and helpful and relevant moves. In a word, everything you send them always should be able to help them pursue their project in life. Email marketing is useful.

10. Find First Faith
Find trust and credibility first, and sales will follow after that. People will believe in you, they will buy what you recommend them regardless of whether they really think they need it or not. Before a proposal, proposal for building a relationship based on a product, first faith and mutual respect.

You can see, email marketing is also offered, help, help. It is also to study and to find the best way to communicate with those people who understand your readers.