How To Earn Money From Digitized India Platform & Digital India Platform Rewards

What is Digitize India Platform:

Digitize India Platform is an initiative under the Digital India Program launched by the Government of India. Any government, autonomous organization or department can digitize its documents by joining this program. The purpose of which can be to accelerate governmental work. This initiative was started on 1st July 2015 under the Digitize India Platform.

How Does Digital India Platform (DIP) Work?

Scanned Document

  • All scanned images are shared into snippets with meaning full data
  • Sharing done as per Organizations requirement for data digitization
  • Documents meta data information is maintained throughout the life cycle of the document and data

Digitize India Platform

  • Randomly serves snippets to DIP contributors
  • Snippets are matched for converted digital data in the match engine system
  • Correct entries contributors get reward points for each correct words digitized
  • Platform organizes the snippet text digitized by DIP contributors
  • Document are re-assembled and provided back to the organizations

Who can become Digital Contributor?

  • You are a citizen of India
  • Computer’s knowledge
  • You have to have a base card
  • Bank account linked to the Aadhaar number and in which you want to send money
  • Internet
  • Smart devices (like computers, tablets, smart phones, etc.)
  • You do not need any academic certificate to do this work

Benefits of Digitize India Platform:

If you join this initiative, you will get many benefits.

  • As a digital activist, you will get official recognition.
  • If you are unemployed then you will get a job as part time.
  • If you work in this initiative, you also get the Certificate of the Data Entry Operator by the Government, which can be your further in future.
  • It will also be a sadness of your worthless time.

You can do the following:

In this job you have to type the words in the image for which you get points where a point means 2 paisa. When we type words correctly we get 1 point. If your typing speed is cool, then you can work up to Rs 150-200 in 2-3 hours.

Digital India Platform Rewards Money

To withdraw money, first you have to redeem your reward point. If you want, you can also donate them. And if you want, the bank account linked to your Aadhaar card. Transfer money to that bank account.

Apply for India Program?

1. Log on to
2. Sign up by clicking Register Now
3. Login with your username and password to your account
4. Go to My Account and complete your Profile
5. Complete the bank account profile
6. Work and earn money

For any problem, call helpline number 180030003468.