DreaminzZz puts hypnosis within everyone’s reach

Initially tested by healthcare professionals, the DreaminzZz connected self-hypnosis mask has been sold for a few weeks now at Nature et Découvertes et Boulanger. With the CES 2018, the Vauclusienne start-up wants to penetrate the United States, the cradle of Ericksonian hypnosis.

Without a burglary in their respective apartments, Guillaume Gautier and Kevin Kastelnik might never have crossed paths and DreaminzZz would not exist. It took this misfortune for the hypnosis therapist and the engineer Arts & Métiers to discuss their activities and then decide to get involved together on the creation of a connected self-hypnosis mask,”Hypnos”. The product will be presented for the first time at the CES in Las Vegas at Eureka Park.

The young company, founded in 2015 in Montfavet (Vaucluse) near Avignon, has benefited from the support of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’ Azur Region to access the international event. “For the past two and a half years, professionals (surgeons, dentists, physiotherapists…) and healthcare institutions have been using Hypnos as a tool to fight pain, prevent anxiety and improve sleep… They were able to assess its effectiveness. Four months ago, we signed with Nature et Découvertes to launch the marketing in its exclusive network and since December 15,2017, Hypnos has also been sold at Boulanger. We discuss with other distributors. This ESC comes at the right time to promote it internationally”.


Range of menu sessions

DreaminzZz is still committed to its two co-founders but recruitment is planned. “We hope to be around ten by the end of 2018,”confides Guillaume Gautier. If this year’s turnover will be around 200,000 euros, next year’s forecast is for a fivefold increase. “Only in the French-speaking market,”he says, even though English translations of the various hypnosis sessions have begun.

Sold 199 euros to the general public,”Hypnos” is based on a mask, mainly manufactured with French suppliers, headphones, sensors, micro-motors and a downloadable application integrating a range of self-hypnosis sessions to treat without chemicals a whole series of pathologies and addictions (stress, pain management, lack of motivation, insomnia…). The stimuli are operated through multicoloured LEDs. Once the mask is on your eyes, you just have to let your imagination immerse itself in the scenario adapted to your particular case. The mask is not intended to replace the therapist,”insists Guillaume Gautier. It complements his approach. We have created a library of thematic programs that allow, for example, to stop smoking, to gain self-confidence before a public intervention, to optimize one’s mental state before a sporting competition… It can also be used with children to help them cope with anxiety, phobias and concentration disorders.

American First Steps

After a first fund-raising campaign of around 100,000 euros in love money, which enabled DreaminzZz to raise a total of 1 million euros, DreaminzZz has started prospecting investors and in the next few months will be able to expand its workforce, continue its R&D work and reach out to the American continent. “In France, there is still much to be done to popularize hypnosis for therapeutic vocations. In the United States, the market is mature: for 20 years, athletes have been accompanied by mental trainers with these techniques. We have also initiated a branch’ Mental Sport’ to sponsor sportsmen and women with the mask, hoping that they will be able to demonstrate the role of hypnosis in improving performance. At CES, we hope to be able to present our innovation to the best-established distributors.

A first step has already been taken. A few weeks ago, the company, already a recipient of the “Doctor 2.0 & You” award from the International Congress on Digital Health, presented the attractions of the International Conference “Medicine X” in California, hosted by Stanford University.