How To Earn Money From Digital India Platform (DIP) By Govt opportunities under Digital India

Central Govt. will soon launching Digital India Platform (DIP) that will be provide us digital freelancing opportunities to computer expert in the our country.

Under this scheme Govt. documents will be digitised with the help of people who can type on computer or mobile devices.

We are almost ready with Digital India Platform DIP. Under this programme we will scan government documents and split line by line or row by row depending on the case.

A Digital India Initiative Implemented by CSC e-Governance Services India Pvt Ltd. Participate in Digitize India Initiative & Get Paid


Digital India Platform (DIP) is an initiative of Govt of India under Digital India program to digitize physical records and reduce piles of papers stored in record rooms or offices of Government, Government organizations and even non-Govt private organizations. It allows organizations not only to free their warehousing real estate but enables them to keep their records longer and in safer environment.

How to join the Digitize India Platform

It’s a simple three step process to start earning rewards:

Step 1 – Visit Digital India Platform  and registers as a user. This is as simple as creating an email account.

Step 2 – Log in with your user id/password and start digitizing.

Step 3 – Digital India Platform will facilitate in checking the accuracy, calculating the rewards and make payment to the user/participant .

How to submit records for digitization to Digital India Platform (DIP)

Any organization (Govt. Department/Govt. organization/private organization) can submit their records for digitization to CSC SPV. The records should preferably be in a scanned image format. However, organizations who wish to submit physical records will have to pay for scanning separately.

The CSC SPV helps creating template of pages being digitized and submits the template for approval of organization submitting the records for organization. The data/records are thereafter processed for digitization.