Never make these 5 mistakes in the blog design freelance

As soon as a new reader comes to your blog, what does he first see? Neither he reads the title of your blog nor does he take his attention to the simple navigation of the blog. Whether a reader looks at your blog design or not.

For this reason, the design of your blog leaves a different impression on new readers. Would you like to feel embarrassed for the first time with your blog design in front of your readers? Do you want to lose the reader because of this just because your blog’s design is not good? If you are blogging for income, then every reader is your customer, it is not wrong to think that. You should choose beautiful and beautiful design to woo your customers. There should never be any disorder in the blog design. A better blog design improves your relationship with readers for a long time.
5 major mistakes in blog designs, which readers do not like

Today, we will discuss five such mistakes, due to which you can attract new readers and not make them their customers. We will not explain this thing to you as a designer and in simple words.

Ambitious blog design

The design of you and your blog can be very creative. But there is no need to tell this to any reader. There is no need to put anything in the blog design without meaning. Create a design that can be seen by seeing – what is the matter?

Effective blog design means to show off your blog and your personality. It should have both effectiveness and simplicity, if you look at blogs of professional bloggers, their blogs are beautiful and organized. There is no shortage of navigation and sidebar in their blog. Thereby, more and more material can be presented in front of the readers.

Weird looking design

This is a very common mistake. In this you forget about your readers and present the design of the blog from your level. The average Internet users are neither bloggers nor blog designers. These are the common people, whom we look around. These people are an Internet consumer one step ahead from the general public. So there is no false impression about them that everything comes to them or they do not come, it is not right. You should keep the blog’s design beautiful, but it is so easy that the class 5 child can understand it easily.

Flaty Blog Design Freelance

Brightly-colored sites look attractive, but only one class likes it. Light colored blog designs are the most preferred on the Internet. For this, you can study the blog’s design by searching about the most liked blogs on the internet. Each of them would have chosen different colors but the flipping would not have been adopted at all.

Blog design with a lot of décor

In such a blog design, many curves, lines, borders, charts, pictures etc. are used. The blog design should be simple and well-equipped. In such designs, this mistake is often found that it tells every reader that to go here or come here. Tell the reader where he needs to know where he should go.

Unplanned Blog Design

This blog design is a big mistake. Many bloggers do not make any plans before designing their blog. They add anything to the blog without needing anything. By which the reader is confused and leaves the blog. The reader forgets for what purpose he came to your blog. You will see many such blogs that do not open properly nor do they have anything to showcase. Some blogs just keep on showing that how many people are offering them but this does not happen. By email, call your friends by phone to tell or follow them. Such bloggers tend to worry more than readers.