What many marketers still do not understand about customer reviews is the opportunity they present in terms of search marketing.

Customer reviews are today considered an indispensable standard for any company with a digital marketing strategy. They can collect testimonials from their customers, discover valuable information through these returns and adjust the customer experience accordingly. However, what many marketers still do not understand about customer reviews is the opportunity they present in terms of search marketing.

Marketers see content marketing as one of the most effective ways to engage their audience via digital channels, whether through blog posts, social media posts, or even GIFs. The content of notices can be used in the same way: it is user-generated content with a high degree of authenticity and is considered highly reliable. The goal of any search engine is to present and reference pages with powerful authority, and it was more than relevant for search engines to take into account the content of reviews, which is already the case today.

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How can reviews create SEO value?

Search engines operate on the basis of algorithms that index a large amount of information to present an organized and structured result to the user. What many people do not realize is that opinion data plays an important role in organizing and referencing information. Why ? Simply because Google has identified that user-generated reviews are a relevant source for identifying which sites have better credibility, and takes this into account in its algorithm. Especially through Rich Snippets, structured data tags of your site’s content, which allow for optimized search indexing.

We might think that they have a minor impact, but we see traffic increases of up to 35% for sites that integrate Rich Snippets by following best practices. Similarly, the content of reviews is also aggregated by Google and used in paid search results. In this context, stars appearing in paid AdWords ads are known as Google Seller Ratings and can help you stand out from other ads in Google’s search results. In short, simple consumer reviews can actually become one of your most powerful marketing weapons; increasing your conversions, boosting your SEO, generating more clicks and helping you to give your ads more visibility.

Differentiation is key: how can reviews help your brand stand out?

Today, digital marketing is only about content. Whether your business is B2C or B2B, it’s the quality content that engages audiences and encourages your visitors to a shopping journey that ends with an order. Reviews can also be a powerful marketing content tool. After all, authentic customer testimonials have always been regarded as the most compelling information from a prospect, whether in the form of an online chat or having a coffee with a friend. By adding ratings to your social networking accounts, you will build your business reputation and this will have a significant impact on your conversion rate. One of our customers, ID Wholesalers, has created a badge displayed next to their reviews, which adds third-party validation and more authenticity to their content on social networks. The badge generated a boost of engagement while highlighting the excellent rating (9.1 / 10) of the company.

Transparency generates conversions

Basket abandonment is one of the most common problems in the e-commerce industry with an average dropout rate of 69.23%. We are all consumers and we all know that we are forced to choose between different types of research. How consumers
can they make the final decision?

At a crucial point in the shopping journey, customers are looking for proof that you are the right choice. Online trust is key and helps consumers make decisions. By including third-party validation on your site, customers will be more likely to trust your business and ads. They will also be encouraged to write positive reviews after having a positive experience, which will continue to demonstrate your company’s commitment to trust and transparency.

An improvement in the reputation of your company will turn your traffic into revenue. A Harvard study concluded that a star rating improves SEO in Google search results and review sites can create a sales increase of over 9% for e-merchants.
Posting your reviews on your site and in your ads gives more confidence to potential buyers and builds confidence in the products or services your business offers. For example, Dashlane, a password manager, posted reviews on his homepage to convert visitors and increase downloads. The company conducted AB tests on two different Trustpilot widgets on its home page and concluded that both versions helped increase conversions. They then placed the two widgets at different places on their site to test the impact they cause on customer trust. The results showed that this was the optimal solution and that it generated a 4.3% increase in the number of downloads.

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Customer Feedback Management is not just a customer testimonial mechanism, it’s also a rich source of authority for your brand that must be fully part of your search marketing strategy.

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