Codesna France base start-up develops chair to measure stress

INNOVATION The patient looks at a tablet that sends stimuli. His reactions are recorded thanks to sensors

mesure stress

The chair developed by Codesna measures stress with a tablet and an electrocardiogram. – Codesna

  • Codesna has launched a fundraising of 400,000 euros.
  • The start-up wants to enter the European market.

After a day spent in the office and wasted time in traffic jams, the armchair reaches us. But this one is not satisfied to rest his user at the end of nerves. It also measures his stress. In collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Sanofi, Codesna has developed a headquarters that determines psychological imbalances.

Based at the Paca-Est incubator in Nice, the start-up has been working on this prototype for five years. Today, she manages to determine the emotional profile of a person. “We measure chronic and instantaneous stress,” says Vasile Zoicas, its founder. Once properly installed in the back of the chair, the patient looks at a tablet that sends stimuli. His reactions are recorded thanks to sensors placed on each wrist and an electrocardiogram.


“The results are given in snapshot, less than two minutes after taking measurements,” Vasile Zoicas says. Aimed at the army, mutuals but also doctors, osteopaths or coaches, the goal of the chair is to prevent burn-out, fighting against chronic stress. “We give an evaluation, a first level of advice,” he points out. Then it’s up to the users to react. Our goal is prevention and awareness. ”

Vasile Zoicas has developed this chair because he believes that “everyone suffers daily stress”: “When external stimulation becomes too important, the brain can no longer cope and people can switch over. a process of depression. According to him, one in eight people is “potentially close to burnout”.

The start-up of Nice aims at the European market

In collaboration with Sanofi, the start-up sells its equipment and technology 3,200 euros. But its founder already wants to develop “a lighter version” and turn to the European market: “We are in the fundraising period of 400,000 euros for commercial development, largely on the Swiss and European markets,” says Vasile Zoicas. On this objective, Codesna has already passed a first floor of 100,000 euros.