If you own a digital marketing company and you are running a Business Blog, you can earn money from your business start up blog without affecting sales. We always refuse to use Adsense or its Alternative on a business start up blog. Because it can strip your valued customer. Adsense or other networks often show advertisements for your competitors.

Which ads on the Startup Business Blog

In this article, we will give you information on which ads to start on the startup business blog to earn money.
Adsense and Other Ad Network Contextual Advertising . These are the ads that are related to your content. If you have written article on webhosting, the ad will also be related to web hosting services. We are going to tell you a secret that establishes good relations in the industry and you will be able to earn good without losing any sales.

What is a White Label Seller or a Private Label Seller

Assume that you are running a reseller hosting company (English: Reseller Hosting Company). Some of your clients are buying web hosting from you. Now he will need services such as web design, social media promotion and SEO. So that he can move forward his website. In this situation, you can partner with a white label cellar or service provider (English: White Label Seller) in your industry. From which you will get the name of that big company and people will trust you more. Eventually your sales will increase and you will earn more money.

It would be interesting for you to know that large multinational companies sub-lease their work to other small or big companies to create their own, that is, they share the work.

You can also do this work. For this you need to talk to the company’s Marketing and Business Management Manager . And you have to tell them that you want to be their white label labeler. If you have made a good job in the industry, then you should take an appointment directly from the CEO or director of that company and make a partnership.

The Private Label Program (English: Private Label Program) does not offer the company you are seeking to partner with. But you should still talk to them so that they give you the first opportunity. For this you take a file or report with you and give it to them. This gives them information about your business plan (English: Business plan).

Educate customers about add-on service

Your client should be very impartial for you. The service given to him should be the best, so you can tie up with a company which is giving it as an add-on service. Not as your competitors.

You create a page on your site that lets your clients send you their own requirements. You can make a contact form for it or give the direct email address there. By doing so, your client’s needs will reach you directly and their information will be safe only with you.

Note that your email should be small and professional – like service@company.com. This will make it easier for your customer to remember and save it.

If you are doing this work for the first time then it will take some time to become a Perfect Workflow. But once you have a good relationship between you and the company, then they will do your work fast. The truth is that no progressive company will refuse your offer, because it increases their sales. Besides being beneficial for you, they also have a profit deal. You should always remember that you want to advance yourself through that add-on service. Therefore, take full care of your interests.

Many times it has been seen that some companies already want to know how much profit they can get from your startup business blog. In such a situation, if you can not convert them to the Convince, then they do not deal with you. In this situation your social and Negotiation Techniques (English: Social and negotiation skills) work.

You can choose such freelancers or small startups, which you have worked with before. Who has given you quality service and you can work with him easily.

Any web design or social media marketing company can start a retailer hosting business. Which can sell your customer hosting or domain name. So that your customer can always be your own.

Affiliate marketing

There are many business models with which the above mentioned method does not work. But you do not have to worry. In such a situation, you can manipulate your blog through affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you connect your customer directly with the service provider and you get commission of sales. This makes good earnings.

For example, if you are running a digital marketing company, then use affiliate programs like web design service, web hosting service, search engine optimization service, social media marketing service, on your business blog. But keep in mind that in affiliate marketing, you do not promote any product or service of your competitors.
At the same time, you can give your customer information through that affiliate marketing link. Those who need your services after taking it.
Advertisement Page

You must have seen the “Advertising with Us” page on many blogs. This is a very important page. Many companies will contact you by looking at this page. Of which some companies will definitely like to work with you. If you get ads directly, good earnings can be done. So if you have not yet created the “Advertise” page then create it immediately.

There are other ways to make money by displaying advertisements on your business blog, which can earn good money. But keep in mind when applying any ad that you have complete control over that ad.
All major bloggers recommend affiliate marketing. This is the best and easiest way to earn from a high traffic blog.