Animation Websites: The TOP 10 Animation Applications And 3D Modeling

Why Use 3D Software?

  1. Autodesk 3ds Max
  2. Autodesk Maya
  3. Cinema 4D studio
  4. blender
  5. Anime studio
  6. Modo
  7. Houdini
  8. Aurora 3D animation Maker
  9. To pose
  10. Autodesk Motion Builder

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Why Use 3D Software?

3D is truly a world apart where creativity is at its peak.We can conceive practically anything imagined in the slightest detail in real perspective.This ranges from the design of buildings and plans in 3 dimensions, through the materialization of the most complex machines and arriving at the creation of characters used in movies and video games. Movies like “The New Heroes” or “The Minions” are entirely created by 3D animation editors:

In what follows you will discover the 10 best 3D software available for Windows.

Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk 3ds Max is one of the most powerful 3D modeling and animation software.
This 3D software is used by the majority of professionals to create and edit spectacular animations.
Its modeling system with polygons and geometric shapes makes it possible to provide a very detailed and very detailed graphic rendering.

Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya is the direct competitor of 3ds max Animation Websites.
it is also effective for large-scale animations although in some cases it is less efficient in terms of quality than its colleague.
Animations can be programmed using a scripting system built into Autodesk Maya.
In addition this 3D software has a very large library for resources facilitating modeling and creation.

Autodesk Maya requires a lot of patience and a lot of time for those who really want to master it because its interface and the available options are very rich.

Cinema 4D studio

Cinema 4d Studio is a 3D software easier to use than 3ds max and Maya Animation Websites.
Its interface is more intuitive and the techniques used are more understandable.
This software is very useful for 3D modeling environments for different platforms such as games and movies.
The great advantage of this software is that it has tools that are both simple and effective for designing everything you imagine.


Blender has the advantage of being created by several user ranges like studio artists, students, programmers, scientists … etc.
It is an open source 3D software that is very accessible and intuitive to use.

In addition to providing all facets of 3D creation such as modeling or lighting, the resources required to have a good quality rendering are much less demanding than those required for other software.

Blender is increasingly used especially in the development of mobile games given its low resource requirements and ease of use.

Animation Websites

Anime studio

Anime Studio is a 3D software oriented towards the creation of cartoons and manga Animation Websites.

Its handling is immediate and its use is simple.
Its 3D modeling mechanism really makes it possible to produce spectacular creations.
Anime Studio can also generate models compatible with other 3D editors like Maya or 3ds max.

In addition, the same publisher with several programs that are moving towards the same trends as Manga studio which is specialized in the creation of mangas.


Modo is a 3D software oriented towards artistic creations like sculptures or 3D painting Animation Websites.
It is very easy to use and is aimed at a rather artistic audience like photographers.
It remains a little less powerful than other publishers and less rich in possibilities.

But the great advantage of Modo is the availability of precise tools and effects that greatly facilitate a link between still photos and 3D modeling.


Houdini is an excellent 3d modeling and animation software.
Although he is still unknown by the professionals.
It is an almost complete tool that allows you to create a complete virtual environment.

It benefits from a wide range of extensions giving it a remarkable precision and a graphic rendering of very high quality.

Aurora 3D animation Maker

Aurora 3D animation maker is a 3D software specialized in text animations and light effects.
It is very popular because it is very easy to use and gives amazing results.
You can create your credits using the library provided with the software.

Poser is the reference in 3D modeling of characters.
It has a wide variety of objects to use as a library for eyelashes, another for the eyes or another for the lips.
It is a very powerful 3D software that has several tools capable of creating with great precision characters of all kinds as you can see in the gallery of the editor.

Autodesk Motion Builder

It’s still a 3D software produced by Autodesk.
It is rather that is geared towards movement captures.
Autodesk Motion Builder lets you model real movements and integrate them into a virtual animation.
It offers a highly responsive and highly interactive environment.