5 good reasons to be accompanied in setting up a business

In 2015, half a million companies were created in France and 60% of them did not benefit from any support.
The reasons? 36% say they “didn’t find the right person to talk to or didn’t know where to turn”. But why is it so important to be accompanied?

Because the numbers tell us so…

One out of every two companies dies in the first five years. This high mortality rate occurs in the company’s pivotal years: 2-5 years.
According to the PACE, an accompanied creator has a success rate of 87%.” Alone we go faster. For many, we go further.


  • The importance of networks.

Our company’s first customers are our friends, family and friends. Our network is therefore an important source of development. This is where every business is born. So, if this is a springboard for sustainability, it becomes important or even compulsory to have the widest possible network to start with. To achieve this, what could be better than to join forces and be accompanied. Integrating an accompanying structure allows for encounters that can greatly increase early adopters, the true source of success.

  • The importance of making a business plan.

The idea is a tiny part of the success of a project. The hardest part is how it will be treated and implemented. Failure to succeed often means not being sufficiently prepared. Who are my clients? Where are they? What do they consume? What is the competition? Where is it located? How much do I need to create my offer…? These are all questions that every entrepreneur has to ask before starting out. To realize a business plan is to structure your ideas and give a guideline to your path to success. This path is difficult to achieve by intuition and must follow a certain methodology.

  • Surrounding oneself to feed on the experience of others.

To be accompanied is also to attach experience that we do not have alone and to surround ourselves with specialists to nourish new expertises. Starting a business requires a great deal of mastery in areas that are sometimes unfamiliar to us. However, the demand for success requires this expertise. Find her for us!

  • Do not isolate yourself.

Being accompanied also means working with others and having different points of view. Starting a start-up business is a long and difficult adventure. Being alone is therefore very easy, too frequent and very dangerous.

Talking about your project, exposing it and testing it is an approach that is too little used among the porters. Incubeo makes it one of its priorities. Creating a tailor-made offer means adapting it to experience feedback.
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